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The Awakened Force Means Big Business

Each year a movie is released that blows all the other movies of the year away and set new records for the box office. The previous year “Transformers: Age of Extinction” grabbed the coveted position, a year before that it was “Frozen” and these were preceded by “The Avengers,” “The Dark Knight Rises” and so on and so forth

That is not to deny that it is so by design. As we know movies are a big business and the larger peers among the various movie studios are concentrating their energies on developing franchises. That results in lucrative installments and a whole set of consumer complementing peripherals like video games, toys, rides in theme parks as well as clothing. These provide a means of acquiring recurrent revenue for many years to come.

This year the hype surrounding the upcoming release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, the seventh installment in the illustrious “Star Wars” Movie Franchise, is unprecedented as it is all set to hit the theatres in December. The extent of the hype may be somewhat gauged by the following set of figures and facts.

The trailer made its debut during the halftime of the football extravaganza- Monday Night Football aired on ESPN on the 19th of October was enough to overwhelm the game played. It generated 17,000 tweets to the minute and had no fewer than 2 million interactions on the popular social networking site Facebook. The following weak witnessed 50 million views on the video streaming service owned by Google- Youtube. The buzz was enough to steam up advanced sales to levels unprecedented at any time in the past. Consider this; sellers sold opening night tickets for the epic franchise for premiums as much as 500% on eBay. It can easily rank alongside large sporting events in terms of hype.



The Best Place to Get An MBA

In the world of business schools, the pre-eminence of top American business schools continue as we approach 2016. In the latest international rankings by The Economist, no less than 14 of the top 20 full-time MBA B-schools hail from the United States. The top position is also held by an American Business School the Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago.

The best place to get an mba

How Booth Dominates the Rankings
In the surveys conducted by The Economist this dominance by Booth is nothing new having topped the list 5 times within the period of the last 6 years. The rankings take into account both subjective marks by the students themselves as well as hard data. One reason that might be attributed to its runaway success is the more than satisfactory quality of its faculty, careers service along with the best in the world facilities that it provides. It has played host to no less than seven Nobel laureates and has campus presence in Hong Kong and London as well, apart from its home in Chicago. Also to be noted is that fact that the overwhelming majorities, 98% to be precise, find jobs within just three months after finishing their degrees. Continue reading –>

More B-schools are Embracing Digitization

The advanced transformation of the digital world has come with a lot of demand to B-schools; however, the striking fact is what number of B-schools is currently grasping the comprehensive change of technology.

As the comprehension of computerized dangers is rising, top organizations like Harvard, INSEAD, MIT and Stanford are putting money intensely in online instruction. Others incorporating Spain’s IE, UK’s Warwick, and US’s Babson College have grown high-positioning digital adaptations of their MBA programs.

Now the question remains for most B-schools is in what capacity would they be able to adjust to the exponential development of interest for internet learning…

B-schools will see a considerable measure of development in conveyance models and system highlights throughout the following five to ten years. In this manner they are centering assets on adjusting to the digital domain, as they rival cutting-edge organizations which frame the early technology instruction part. Harvard Business School (HBS) has been a standout amongst the most built-up. It penetrated the computerized learning market a year prior, with HBX CORe, an online system that shows courses on examination, financial aspects, and bookkeeping.

Working with innovation is a test for administration scholastics that have invested decades instructing future business pioneers from platforms inside masonry campuses. However, they perceive the need to advance.

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