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The Best Answers to Essay Questions Asked to MBA Applicants by Stanford

If you are aiming for an MBA from Stanford, then you should first have one thing clear. Your educational background and your previous work experience are not the sole thing that is of interest to them.

What they Want

According to Stacy Blackman who founded the Stacy Blackman Consulting, a firm providing services which help MBA aspirants to get enrolled for the top programs, they want to know about you in detail, your values, personality and motivations.

How They Get It
Stanford adjudges the traits that define you as a human being through two essay questions that are open ended and to ensure that applicants stay to the point they set a combined word limit of 1,150.

What are the Questions

Question One
“What matters most to you, and why?”
If one were to abide by the recommendations of Stanford it is better to use only about 750 words of the 1,150 word limit. Here the answer to why is more important than why.
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UK Universities Falter and Slip in International Rankings

The British academic policymakers should show some signs of concern as UK universities slip in the latest ranking of international universities. Only Cambridge managed a spot as one of the top five universities in the globe, having secured a third place jointly.

The QS World University Rankings

The QS World University Rankings, considered to be the most thorough of its kind found that MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology stood at the top followed by Harvard which rose by two spots from number four in the previous year.

UK Still Maintains a Decent Record

No need to press the panic button yet though, as four of the top ten universities still hail from the UK. The biggest loser at the top was the Imperial College at London which fell to the eighth place from number two the previous year. This is attributed due to change in the methodology to rank universities.

The Details of the Top Ten

Oxford fell a spot to sixth from the fifth last year and University College London to feel two spots from joint fifth to seventh in the latest report. Another educational institute in UK of repute which had to suffer a fall in university rankings is none other than Kings College London which dropped from 16 in the previous year to 19 this year.

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