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Human Resource (HR) are defined as the people and staff who operate a business. HR is also considered as the organisational function that are concerned with the issues related to the manpower of an organisation. Therefore, human resource management (HRM) plays a vital role in both the private and public sector companies. HRM is the technique to manage the people of an organisation and enable them to achieve the organisational objectives.


Major responsibilities of HRM

In this context, it is relevant to discuss the key responsibilities associated with the HRM division of an organisation:

Staffing: It is process by which the company management selects the right people having the required competencies to accomplish the goals of the organisation. The primary activities performed by the HR managers to conduct an effective staffing are job analysis, planning, recruitment and selection of the employees.

Training and development: HRM plays a vital role in developing the employees so that they can maximise their output. Hence, the HR managers design the suitable training and development program and provide scopes to the staff to improve their skills.

Compensation: It is the responsibility of the HR team to deal with the compensation packages for each of the individual employees. The compensation system of the organisation is being designed by the HR managers. In this regards, the HR managers deal with both the financial and non-financial benefits of the employees. Most importantly, the HR managers of the respective companies play a pivotal role in developing a transparent performance appraisal system for an organisation. In other words, the HRM division of the organisation focuses on employee motivation through incentives, bonuses, recognition and fringe benefits. The health and safety parameters of the staff are also been taken care of by the HR personnel. They monitor whether the concerned company management is maintaining the prescribed rules and regulations associated with the safety issues of each of the employees.

Employee relation: It is the responsibility of the HR managers to maintain sound relationship between the employees and the company management. Hence, the HR managers take the initiatives to resolve any work related issues within the organisation. HRM emphasises on maintaining an effective communication between the respective representatives from the company management and employees. Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be inferred that for proper functioning of an organisation, HR department plays a vital role in each the organisation. Now, let us highlight on the topics that our experts from HR domain work.


Case studies on HR

Our writers have the required expertise to conduct a high quality case study analysis on various aspects of HR. In order to accomplish these case studies, the major focus is given on the connecting the concepts of HRM with the contemporary issues. While conducing these case studies, our experts consider the given scenario from the perspective of a HR consultant. In these case studies, emphasise is given on formulating new strategies and thereby resolving the identified issues.



Leaders are the people who demonstrate the right paths to the followers. From the perspective of proper functioning of a manpower of an organisation, guidance of a proper leader is extremely essential. In these assignments, our experts highlight on the different styles and attributes of leaders. Real life examples of the leaders are also been provided to enhance the quality of the paper.

Apart from that our experts deal with various assignments related to the strategic HR management. In these assignments, our experts develop HR strategies that can improve the compensation system, training and development, labour relations and other important HR related aspects. While preparing the HR related projects, we mainly focus on conducting a thorough analysis of the issues and thereby recommending suitable HR analysis. Critical analysis presented by our experts in the HR papers, helps the students to acquire high grades. In addition, the papers also allow the students to understand the concepts of HRM in an effective way.

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