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Be it the person you like, or your professor – pursuing someone needs some kind of special skill and knack for it. You need to be super convincing and your communication skills should be polished to the maximum to make sure that the persuasion is successful and the person is agreed to your point.


Pursuing the attention of a singular person is easy, if you compare that task to wooing an entire category of readers. So how is it that you can successfully win over the masses and make them agree to your point? A persuasive essay is the answer.


What is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a write-up that goes on to state the author’s point of view on a given topic and then it justifies that opinion with possible evidences, examples, and facts and figures. A persuasive essay is very much like an expository essay, if we pay close attention.


The only difference between an expository essay and a persuasive essay is – the fact that persuasive essay is built on the author’s arguments and opinions to prove the point that is trying to be made. An expository essay relies on facts and figures to prove a point.


The Conflict of Topics

There is a certain disagreement on this fact that the topics that can be used to write an expository essay can also be used to write a persuasive essay, and vice versa. The vice versa is true, the former isn’t.


This is because, an expository essay only uses topics that are already established, and those that have a straightforward answer. But in the case of persuasive essays, the topic and the side of the topic that the essay will be talking about is picked by the author. The author’s point might be completely wrong, but the fact that they are writing about their point of view is what matters.


To make it ever clearer, I’m sharing a few topics that can be used for writing a persuasive essay:

  • Should marijuana be legalised?
  • Should it be mandatory for students to wear uniforms in schools?
  • Are video games good for the mental development of a teenager?
  • Should torrent downloads be banned?
  • Should euthanasia be a legal medical process?


The Structure of writing a Persuasive Essay

Now that we have established that what is a persuasive essay and what all can be covered under the umbrella of a persuasive essay, we now need to figure out how to construct a persuasive essay.


We don’t need to actually figure anything out; there is no specified rule that puts any kind of restrictions on the format that you choose to put your persuasive essay in, but there are certain few things that should inevitably by there in the essay. And those specific pointers will give your persuasive essay a better look. Let us have a look at the structuring and outline of a persuasive essay:


  • The Introduction: Like any other kind of essay, you need to ‘hook’ the reader in your first ever sentence. But that ‘hooking’ is different when you’re writing different kinds of essays, (obviously). So in a persuasive essay you need to:
    • Make a super catchy first sentence. That can be a catchy question, the mention of a really popular public or fictional figure, a good literary tool like simile, metaphor, personification, or alliteration.
    • Remember that your first sentence should be relevant as well. After the reader is into it, you can bring in the context of the topic in the next few sentences of the opening paragraph, and let them get acquainted with your point of view on the subject.
  • The Body: The body of a persuasive essay is mostly like the structure of the body of an expository essay. Except the fact that the alignment of the content is somewhat shifted, there are no major changes in the outline. I concluded this similarity when I was in the middle of a research to do my essay. Let me tell you how it goes:
    • Each paragraph in the body will be dedicated to a separate example, evidence, or a fact that will be supporting the main theme of the essay.
    • The opening line of each of these paragraphs will re-introduce the central topic in the context of the example that the paragraph is talking about.
    • The rest of the content in the paragraph will be a detailed description of how the example is related to the main topic and how it will prove supportive towards the main theme.
  • The Conclusion: The last part of your essay should be a brief summary of the body of your persuasive essay. This is pretty much like any other kind of essay, but then again, let us have a look at the specifications:
    • A summary of the whole point that you were trying to make.
    • A ‘call to action’ statement(s) that you believe would stimulate some change.
    • The conclusion should be assertive, but polite.


The Techniques of Writing a Persuasive Essay

Like it was mentioned earlier, persuasion is a difficult skill to master, and that too, not just in the essays. In any walk of life, you will find people who are persuasive, are more successful. But we’re not talking about life, right?

We’re talking about persuasive essays, and one thing that can be drawn from the text above is – it’s no easy feat to write a persuasive essay with utmost perfection. There are alternate options like various essay writing services that will do it for you, but if you plan on walking that road on your own, you might as well look at the following pointers that will help you in persuasion.


  • Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. This will help you understand what they would like to read, and once you have that information in your arsenal, job done.
  • Learn to use a submissive tone in your writings. Even when you are asserting things, you can be a bit passive with your words and let the reader be melted by your language rather than the information.
  • Learn to get hold of the weak nerve of the readers. You need to know your target audience and write according to their taste and choices.


To finish it off

It is evident from whatever I mentioned in this write-up that a persuasive essay is a bit difficult to master. But there is no such word as ‘impossible.’ So don’t think you cannot do this. Just follow this post and you’ll land yourself with an excellent persuasive essay.


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