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Global Strategy of Apple

Type: Assignment

Domain: Company Analysis

Words: 3000


Global Strategy of Apple

Apple is a well known brand with consumer electronics segment. It has been identified as a luxury brand and has sustained the image for quite long. The company has been constantly innovating and launch path breaking products like the iPhone and the iPad that have created demand for its own. They have been market drivers in the past decade.
The paper analyses briefly, the corporate strategy that Apple follows to gain such huge success. It also analyses its internal strengths and weaknesses based on theoretical frameworks like strength weakness analysis and VRIN framework. It then analyses the external factors that contribute towards the firm’s success in a global setting through opportunity threat analysis and PESTEL framework. This paper also highlights possible threats and areas of attention that might need focus to maintain a sustained competitive advantage
After such analysis, the paper lays down strategy recommendations based on strategy evaluation via the Rumelt Model and concludes by drawing relationships between present and future course of action.

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