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Comparison on Financial Statement of Tesco and Sainsbury

Type: Report

Domain: Financial Performance Analysis

Words: 2750


Comparison on Financial Statement of Tesco and Sainsbury

Tesco and Sainsbury are two companies engaged in the business of supermarket and grocery chains based in UK. Tesco Plc has operations worldwide while Sainsbury is a subsidiary of J Sainsbury Plc based in UK.
The report analyses financial statements two companies, Tesco Plc and Sainsbury Plc by using extensive ratio analysis. With the help of such analysis, it tries to establish a comparison and contrast to determine strengths and weaknesses of the two businesses. Different aspects of company financials like profitability, liquidity, operational and cash flow strength, efficiency, investment scenario and gearing scope have been analysed in detail. The report also analyses the firm’s financial strength and sustainability as a sole standing operation. Such analysis helps in having a better understanding about the strengths and weaknesses of the company. With careful interpretation and analysis of data, the report goes forth to suggest measures that could contribute in overall business improvement for the two competing firms.

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