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Human Resource Management of Kiva the Disrupter

Type: Report

Domain: Leadership

Words: 3250


Human Resource Management of Kiva the Disrupter

The report analyses the human resource management process of Kiva within a highly innovative work culture. Kiva had gained a good reputation in the market considering their robotic product line and their utilization value for the customers. However, the increasing demand of their products also created problems for the company in context of managing the employee productivity. It was noted that, Kiva mainly focuses on the transactional leadership processes which reduces the emotional relationship between the employees and the employer. On the other hand, the structural aspects of the company also created problems for appropriate management of the job delegation and monitoring processes. Analysis of the leadership styles reflected that transformational and democratic leadership are among the most beneficial forms of leadership that can fulfill the existing gaps in the employee management process of Kiva. The implementation of both these leadership styles has been designed by making a few alternations in the existing functional framework of Kiva.

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