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Strategic Management in Film Industry its influence on Product Merchandise Promotion

Type: Report

Domain: Startegic Management

Words: 4500


Strategic Management in Film Industry its influence on Product Merchandise Promotion

The movie making industry has changed rapidly with the changes in the technology and behaviour of the consumers. The tastes and preferences of the consumers are changing and hence in order to cope with the market scenario, movie making firms are engaging in extensive promotional processes. Product merchandising is one of the most common processes used in the film industry for their promotional aspects. However, the relationship between product promotion and strategic approach of the film makers were analysed in this research. The literature review of the study focused on the various theories, concepts and the contemporary cases of product merchandising in the film industry. The study has been conducted with mixed method for generating greater efficacy in the research process. The data collected from the sample participants were questioned using Likert Scale survey and open-ended interview. The quantitative analysis was conducted with the help of SPSS software that also measured the reliability of the data collected. On the other hand, the qualitative interpretation was done mainly with observation and analysis of the responses. The researcher also had fulfilled the objectives of the study and based on the findings have provided suitable recommendations.

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