5 Best Online MBA Programs

5 Best Online MBA Programs

An MBA is considered by many to hold the key to rising up the career ladder and giving your salary a much needed boost. For working professionals who simply cannot take two or one years of full or online study an online MBA makes sound sense. The flexibility, the cost effectiveness makes the cold hard logic only too obvious.

Recently the best online programs were ranked by the U.S. News and World Report. The evaluation of the schools was based on the selectivity of admissions, the engagement of students, the reputation of peers, the credentials of faculty and training and the technology and services of students. It should be noted here that many of the top slots were occupied by multiple universities.

The online MBA program as offered by the Temple University bagged the top spot. Close on its heels were the Indiana University at Bloomington and Chapel Hills’s University of North Carolina.

1. Temple University (Fox)

The Score Awarded by U.S. News: 100

Cost of Individual Credit: $1,245

The Fox School of Business and Management at the Temple University presents a rigorous curriculum taught by a faculty renowned the world over. The format remains convenient, of high quality, delivered interactively on-demand and makes use of the very latest in social technologies. The online program has a residency that extends to a week following which students complete their initial course, network with their peers and participate in exercises aimed at professional development and be active participants in team building.

2. Indiana University Bloomington (Kelley)

The Score Awarded by U.S. News: 99

Cost of Individual Credit: $1,300

Students who enroll themselves up for the Indiana University Bloomington MBA in the online format are avail the use of the career services department along with opportunities to study outside of the U.S. in emerging markets. Students are free to complete their MBA’s within the time span of two to five years and work alongside the on-campus faculty of the Kelley School of Business.

3. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Score Awarded by U.S. News: 97

Cost of Individual Credit: $1,510

The instruction provided of the UNC based at Chapel Hill MBA in the online format is identical as the on campus version of the MBA program Kenan-Flagler. The program retains the flexibility of online MBAs and may be completed within 18 to 36 months.

4. University of Florida (Hough)

The Score Awarded by U.S. News: 92

Cost of Individual Credit (only for part-time): $1,208

The Online mode of the UF MBA gels along rather well with on-campus visits on a quarterly basis. The online instruction is imparted in a system based on cohorts. Students also are open to seek advice from career counselors.

5. Arizona State University (W.P. Carey)

The Score Awarded by U.S. News: 91

Cost of Individual Credit (only for part-time): $1,102

Students who have enrolled for the MBA Program in the online mode at the ASU Carey School of Business are able to take classes online in the role of a cohort along with a lock-step curriculum. This leads to a community of students who are tightly knit which and students and faculty are hence able to collaborate fully.

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