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Formatting Errors In Dissertation: Experts’ Secrets To Fix The Mistakes

Formatting errors in a dissertation is customary among students. It is either for lack of knowledge or because of hasty writing. Both the situations direct towards expert’s help, which is largely ethical in today’s date. This ensures comprehensive guidance, thereby, facilitates thesis or dissertation writing. It’s crucial that you write the whole paper in accordance with the university guidelines. Formatting plays a significant part in every academic paper. So, you should be a little more cautious with the dissertation structure, and it will be easier for you to avoid the mistakes.

Think clear. Be formal. Your dissertation will create history!

But, ‘how to escape the faults’ is still a question to be answered. Students widely search over Google for a specific answer. However, true responses are hidden here. Read the article to understand the mistakes you have been doing in the dissertation. Fix those before the submission and who can stop you from appraisal!

Top seven formatting errors in dissertation: know and fix

Academic writing bloopers are normal. Like you make mistakes in an English essay, dissertation blunders are nothing alien. You can go wrong with the tables, figures, pagination, headings, length, passages, or otherwise. Steal a few moments from your busy schedule and quickly pay a glance at these –

1. Formatting errors in dissertation: nonexistence of DAC

A PDF copy of your dissertation must include a scanned copy of the DAC (Dissertation Acceptance Certificate) It proves the legitimacy of your dissertation, i.e. your topic and proposal have been well-accepted. The DAC must have the signatures of at least three readers and the exact title of your dissertation. Often, students go wrong, here. Some forget to attach the DAC, whereas, some slipup with the tile or neglect the strict criteria of at least three signatures.

2. Identification crisis between Title Page and DAC

DAC includes the Dissertation Title and so is the Title Page. Then, what’s the need of repeating the same thing? Well, a clear specific definition of the Title Page and the DAC can only explain you this identification problem. The former is the cover of your dissertation that includes the main title, your name, course/domain name, unique student identification number, and guide’s name. On the other hand, the DAC includes only the title and three or more reader’s signature. Hence, both have their own significances.

3. Missing Abstracts as formatting errors in dissertation

Abstract formatting errors occur in every alternate student. Where one makes a mistake with the justification, the other skips the whole segment. In either way, your score drops as abstract is an important and vital segment of the dissertation. Technically, a dissertation or research paper abstract is a summary of the whole paper. Use at most two advisories name in the abstract (left-justified) and right-justify the author’s (your) name.

4. Improper practice with pagination and numerals

Numbering the pages is a chief consideration in dissertation or other academic papers. Sometimes, the universities specify the required page count of the dissertation. Living up to that should be the principal focus, which is not for many students. DAC and Title page should not be numbered but counted in the total page count. Roman and Arabic use of numerals should be maintained properly in your dissertation. For example, subheads and page numbers may use Roman numerals, but the content only accepts the Arabic style of numbering.

5. Unfitting orientation of tables and figures in the dissertation

Maintain proper orientation, when you are using page numbers or tables. Each page number must be at the same alignment in each page. In the case of tables, there are two rules for two different orientations –

  • Put the head of the table in the left-hand side if you insert a horizontal table
  • The head of the table should be at the top of the page if you insert a vertical table.

Other than these two specifications, there are more dissertation writing skills that you must acknowledge. Tables that exceeds one page must include the header, again, in the next page. Write the ‘continued’ notation at the second and the succeeding pages if the table spans more than one page. All the tables must have a unique id, which will help in its easy identification from the Table of Contents.

6. Too many passages with no proper smooth transition

A common dissertation formatting error is the exceeding number of passages. Extending the page count is not acceptable according to standard university norms. You have to include all your research and analyses within the specified word count. It’s good to break the whole dissertation into several paragraphs. However, too many of them sound monotonous. Also, the essence of the illustration breaks when you abruptly end a passage or make it too short to understand. Give smooth endings to each of the paragraphs. Use transition words like meanwhile, however, similarly, subsequent, first, second, lastly, therefore, thereby, etc.

7. Mismanagement of referencing style as a formatting error

If you have been thinking that referencing style is only followed in the Reference section, then you are living with a complete vague notation! The guidelines exist for the whole paper and it is important that you stick to one style in your dissertation. APA referencing style rulebook has its own set of regulations for the entire paper. Similarly, MLA formatting rules are separate. Other significant referencing styles include Harvard, Oxford, and Chicago styles. Choose either of these or go for the one that your university suggests and format the dissertation accordingly.

Have further questions regarding your dissertation?

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