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9 Common Mistakes In English Essays Check In Grammarly Before Writing

Essays are compulsory halves of academic life. So, stop escaping! Turn and learn from experts. You must have heard enough about essay outline tips or the style and approach of composition. However, grammar mistakes are the ones which no one talks about. These mistakes may be less but very much there in the essays developed by Native English Speakers. So, evidently, foreign language speakers are bound to do these blunders. Lack of hold over the language can justify the flaws but that has no effect on the scores – you’ll end up with poor marks for grammatical bloopers.

Linguistic blunders – common mistakes in English essays

Essays written in the English language must be grammatically, syntactically, and phonologically correct. Here you can find the list of mistakes that most students tend to show up with. Take a look to ensure that your essay is free from all these.

1. Slip-ups with homophones in essays

In any academic essays, this is one of the biggest concerns. Professors consider this as a very childish mistake to do. And why not? Perhaps, people learn homophones at standard five or six. So, such a mistake at college or university level is silly.

Example: Vote is a human write! (incorrect)

Vote is a human right! (correct)

2. Poor know-how about English spellings

Remember the infant days? Almost everyone has muddled up with spellings when teachers used to give dictations. Those times are gone. Now, you should be cautious with each spelling you write in your essay. For examples, don’t mix “your” and “you’re,” otherwise, the entire meaning of the sentences changes automatically.

3. Mismatch with subject-verb agreement in essays

Subjects and verbs, both, are important considerations in the English language. During composition, carefully use singular verbs with singular nouns and plural verbs with plural nouns. It is one of the common mistakes that make the whole reading experience frustrating. Like you learn how to write an essay, you should learn to preserve the subject-verb agreement.

4. Essays sentences miss a necessary comma

Often, students forget to insert a comma after the introductory phase. Therefore, the sentences look incomplete and meaningless. Consequently, marks drop radically as professors fail to identify the essence of what you have written. Here’s a sample from the reflective essay; take a look –

Example: Although I was fearless things changed when I met with the fatal experience. (incorrect)

Although I was fearless, things changed when I met with the fatal experience. (correct)

5. Random use of run-on sentences in essays

Missing conjunctions between two or more independent clauses are defined as “run-on sentences.” This habit is repetitive in college or university students. Most of the essays include independent clauses conjoined just by a comma. According to essay writing experts, the absence of coordinating conjunction drops the quality of your composition.

Example: The box is at the edge of the table, it’s too heavy to fall. (irrational)

The box is at the edge of the table, but it’s too heavy to fall. (rational)

6. Frequently seen multiple comma splices

Some tend to miss out with the commas, but quite a few make faulty use of the comma. The later is defined by the term “comma splice.” In this case, the writer conjoins two dependent or independent clauses just by a comma. Be it essay introduction writing or developing a conclusion such a sentence error is not acceptable. You must connect the sentences with a conjunction and a comma.

7. Improper sentence fragmenting all over

Short and simple sentences are good for an essay or any academic writing. However, they must hold some meaning. If you break the main sentence into sentence fragments, then your essay will be entirely meaningless. As per the English dictionary, sentence fragments are a group of words or phrases that lacks an element like a subject or verb. These parts are unable to sit independently, so you must keep those fragments together to make a proper sentence.

8. Unidentified interrupters (no comma around)

Phrases that break the flow of a sentence are called the interrupters. These are used to show additional details like an emphasis, emotion, or tonality. These words should be enclosed by commas for easy identification by the readers. Naturally, people pause whenever there’s a comma. Therefore, the purpose of interrupters is fulfilled when commas are included.

Example: The event unfortunately took place by the end of January. (improper)

The event, unfortunately, took place by the end of January. (proper)

9. Bad confusions with English essays pronouns

“What are the suitable set of pronouns?” is one of the most searched questions as shown by Google Analytics. Students, often, confuse between whether to use “you and me” or “you and I” while putting up an argument in a powerful argumentative essay or writing a reflective essay.

Example_1: John will pick you and I as his project partners. (wrong)

John will pick you and me as his project partners. (right)

Example 2: Me will go to Paris for vacation. (wrong)

I will go to Paris for vacation. (right)

How to avoid these linguistic mistakes in the essay: quick tips

English grammatical mistakes are easy to avoid if you have the right set of tips in hand. Either you meet an expert or learn their recommendations on this matter. Take a note of the subsequent advice and make your essay a flawless piece of composition.

  1. Read samples as much as you can. Visit essay writing websites and you’ll find dozens of essay examples written in high-quality unique content.
  2. Take online grammar courses. This will help you gather more knowledge on syntaxes, sentence constructions, minor details of grammar and more.
  3. Go through your essay after you finish writing. Manual proofreading helps you discover the issues you have overlooked while writing.
  4. Engage in book culture. Read more books on the subject-line or storybooks to increase your inventory of English words.
  5. Minutely study the previous original works on your field of research to get an insight into the ideal writing pattern.
  6. Consult Merriam Webster’s Dictionary for any English word spellings. This is considered the ideal one for APA style essay writing in the English language

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