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6 Surprising Tips on How to Write an Essay You Never Heard Of

Essay writing is a subduing affair for most students who involve themselves in work during high school or college days. On one hand, the workload gets heavier; and on the other, the study pressure remains on the rise. In that situation, students often drool with how to write an essay that can lead them to better grades.

How to Write an Essay that Can Elevate Your Grades

For some students who get sufficient time, lack self-confidence or the right skills to come up with a perfect essay. The reason is essay writing involves a large procedure that students have to cover religiously. In order to lessen the burden of the essays, we have provided a few useful tricks to ease your work.

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1. Brainstorm a Nice Topic

First of all, you have to know what you’re going to work on to proceed further. In case your professor has already assigned you with an essay topic, your search box gets an instant filter.

However, some of the universities often put the option open for the students to choose their own topic. In that case, you have to brainstorm and find out a good topic for your essay.

In order to choose your topic, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the purpose of the essay. For example, if it’s an economics essay, you have to shoot for a topic that seems relatable to an economical background.

You must go through all the recent activities relating to the field of your education and find one. However, you must ensure that whatever topic you choose holds enough information in multiple resources.

2. Gather the Essentials

Next, you have to put your magnifying glasses on and look for all the possible sources regarding your topic minutely. Before you put your hands into writing on a topic, you must collect the data from multiple sources.

Keep in mind, the data should be relevant, useful, and fresh in your college homework essay. The information that doesn’t have a direct link with your essay topic, doesn’t contribute anything to your write-up.

Another important aspect you have to remember is the time of its publication. As time changes, several policies, regulations, and consequences keep on going through transitions. In case the data is not delivering up-to-date information, it doesn’t seem reliable to your readers.

To help you with some resources, we would recommend you to make use of Google, some latest journals, your senior’s previous assignment copies, the library, and etc. Remember, you have to cite the resources in your writing, so make sure the sources seem trustworthy.

3. Craft an Outline

After you’re done with collecting all the necessary data, extract the most admissible ones and note them down. High schools and universities often ask for an outline before they receive the final paper in hand.

Writing down an essay outline is quite easy. Be it a persuasive essay or a descriptive one, making an outline beforehand is essential. You just have to preset the format in your mind and note down the key statements of each heading and subheading. This way you easily get a transparent idea of writing and never forget to involve the important notes.

Usually, the literal structure of an essay includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Draw the same in your draft and write the key points under each section on a bulleting note.

So in the end, when you begin with your final write-up, you don’t get clueless. You already know what to write and how to write, and you start with your essay with a fresh and knowledgeable mind.

4. Write an Essay

Now you look quite ready and prepared to begin with your essay writing. Nail that perfect essay with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion by involving relevant data regarding the topic.

Introduction, the first attempt you get to impress your readers with your writing. As the whole attention of your readers relies upon the quality of this portion, you have to make it sound attractive. The introductory paragraph of your essay must have the hook to drag your readers’ attention.

Next, when you move on to the body paragraphs, you must involve as many details as you can. Remember, the body paragraph has to be exciting enough to let the reading roll on until the conclusion. Be it information-rich, or full of ideas, they must create a sharp link with your readers’ minds and play with their thoughts. In a similar fashion, avoid wordiness and complex sentences and make your ideas entirely transparent to the audience.

Last but not least the conclusion paragraph appears. Most students commit the same mistake by writing the conclusion in a reluctant way. The basic idea of concluding a write-up is to create a strong impact on the readers’ minds. There has to be a direct relation between your introduction and conclusion. You may jot down a summary or give a brief idea of your own thoughts regarding the topic. However, no fresh note should reflect through your ending lines buy an essay.

5. Extract a Thesis Statement

Usually, some of the essays like – argumentative essays or compare and contrast essays require a thesis statement after introduction. This is nothing but a centralized idea of your entire essay write-up.

A good thesis statement must be crisp and transparent and should close down within one or two lines. Despite showing the purpose of your essay, you should never start it like – “the purpose of my paper is…”

Though the thesis statement appears right below the introduction, it should be crafted after you finish writing the whole essay. The reason is you can’t state a verdict from the whole writing before you actually complete it.

However, you have to ensure that your thesis statement is not sounding like a summary of your essay. The ideas that your thesis statement showcases, should reflect in the rest of the portions of your essay.

6. Proofread Your Paper

Once you finish writing the entire paper, you should proofread it minutely to remove all the unintended mistakes. The best way to proofread is to start checking it in the descending order.

There are numerous grammatical and syntactical errors that we often include unknowingly in our write-up. Therefore, start reading from the conclusion and move upward gradually while rectifying your errors.

On the other hand, you also have to access a few plagiarism-checking tools to check your entire paper for plagiarism. The consequences of plagiarism can be quite troublesome and it leads students to some unavoidable situations.

Finally, you’re ready with a unique essay paper that holds zero proofreading errors and all the essential details. To submit the paper and let it fetch better grades, and improve your impression in your professor’s mind.

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