Writing an ‘A+’ Essay

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Writing an ‘A+’ Essay – All You Need to Know

College is a tiring time – we’re sure every student would agree. There are responsibilities that are probably tougher than raising a kid. Sleep is an abstract concept while in college – we have all been there. Attending classes, self-studying, making sure you’re not left out in the co-curricular activities either, and on the top of that, writing assignments.

Most of these things are non-negotiable – you just cannot skip them. But writing assignments, you can. How? Because we do them for you! But if you feel like you want to do it yourself, we will be glad to help you there as well. We have here a few very useful tips and pointers for you to follow and conjure up an essay that, according to the promise of the title, will get you an ‘A+’.

Shall we begin?


First Things First

Before you even think of starting to write the essay or even preparing to start, you need to understand the topic to the core. This is important because it’s a catalyst to the rest of the work that you will need to do in the process. Look for these things while trying to understand the topic:

  • What is the topic demanding? What is the point that is expected of the essay to clear?
  • What all are the areas that you will need to look at to find appropriate sources for the content of the essay?
  • What should be the structure of the essay?


Before You Start Writing

Now that you have planned everything according to the topic of the essay, you will finally start to write it. But hold on – have you done everything that is required before you start writing? No good has ever come from a job that was hurried. We will tell what all you need to endure before you start to pen down your essay.

Just make sure you tick everything in the checklist down below:

  • Have you collected all the sources you needed to develop the content of the essay?
  • Do you have all the portions of the essay sorted out pointwise? (introduction, body, and conclusion)
  • Do you the flow of the points planned?


Now We Begin Writing

After you have checked all the things on the check lists above, you are free to go head and write your essay. But, there is a catch, still. Are you writing your essay in the proper format? You might just not be on the same page (pun intended) with the format of the essay. Although there is no specified format to an essay; you can write whatever you want. But there is a structure that every good essay should be moulded in in order to make sure that it is an ‘A+’ worthy.

Putting your essay in a structure puts your essay in a better form to be read. This impresses the professor (and that is the actual key of getting an ‘A+’). Let’s have a look at what piece of information should be put under which section of the essay.


The Introduction

Introduction, as is apparent, the paragraph with which you begin the essay. There are a few things that you need to know to make the introduction of your essay serve the purpose it is meant to:

  • There should be a catchy opening line (the ‘hook’).
  • In the sentences that follow ‘the hook’, you transition from the opener to making the readers acquainted with the topic of the essay and your view on the topic.
  • The introduction should be more interactive and less factual.


The Body

Here is where you put all your research and sources in – the body. The body of your essay is actually the factor that decides the quality of the essay; the introduction is just the topping. Here’s what you need to know about writing the body:

  • The paragraphs should open with the topic sentence.
  • One paragraph should deal with one specific piece of information or argument.
  • The paragraphs should be in a specific order, so that the essay makes sense as a whole.


The Conclusion

The conclusion is seeing your readers off – you should be very careful with this section of your essay. Check the following, and you’re good to roll:

  • You should be polite in the language, but the problem statement should be firmly concluded.
  • Do not use tough words here.
  • Give a ‘food for thought’ statement that keeps the readers wondering.

That was all! Go on, start writing – you have been enlightened now.


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