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A Guide to a Perfect Research Paper

A research paper assignment is like a raging bull – no one like to see one coming their way.


In management schools, a research paper is one of the most common assignments. Why? Because management is a subject where people learn from the past events. To understand the nature of the events better and to analyse them in the context of the modern day application, you need to look very deeply in the subject and cover all the elements that are factors in influencing the end result.


More on that later, let us first see what we’re dealing with here.


What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is a document containing all the necessary information about an investigation on a particular problem statement.


What is a perfect research paper? If a research can be replicated successfully using the information from the research paper, it can be termed as a perfect research paper.


How is a Research Paper different from a Dissertation?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in the academic writing field. Allow us to clarify this – once and for all.


A dissertation is an assignment that you have to submit essentially at the end of your semester. It is a lengthy document (more than 40,000 words) which can be used as literary sources for further researches on the subject. It may or may not involve conducting a research.


On the other hand, a research paper is an assignment that you have to complete in your semester within the defined deadline. It is comparatively of much less length (5,000 words on an average). A r esearch paper has to be constructed after conducting a research. Research papers are prepared to answer a specific question that needed to be proven correct or incorrect.


What is a Research Proposal?

Any research you are willing to carry out can be called to floor only when your research proposal is approved. Only after that, you have a go-ahead to conduct your research and write your research paper.


A research proposal is a non-separable element in writing a research paper. Don’t be confused – a research proposal is a separate document. It is not included in your research paper.


In your research proposal, you need to put forth your problem statement and your methodology. The better you relate these two, the higher are the chances of your research proposal getting accepted.


The Structure of a Research Paper

We mentioned the differences between a dissertation and a research paper, but there is one thing that is similar to both of these academic papers – both of them are written in a similar manner. The sections are the same, the content that goes in them is the same – just the purpose of a dissertation and a research paper is different.

Let us have a quick look at the sections and the specifications of the content that goes in them:


  • Introduction: You introduce your reader to the topic of your research, and then slowly transition into telling them about your problem statement.
  • Literature Review: In this section you write about the sources of information that you used for reference in your research. You have to analyse them and write a review on how useful they turned out to be for your research.
  • Research Methodology: This is one of the most important segments in your research paper assignment. Here you mention in detail all the techniques and procedures you’re going to use for conducting your research. You need to mention them in the order of their occurrence in your research. Also, you need to write about the reasons you included them in your research.
  • Findings and Analysis: This section will contain the results you gathered after conducting your research. You will need to mention all the methods and then your findings in the same order. Also, you should compare your findings with those of your sources.
  • Conclusion: Finally, you need to round everything up and put down the final judgement that your ‘findings and analysis’ section indicates. You must make sure to answer the problem statement in the conclusion section.

Not so difficult, right?


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