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Writing a Term Paper That Will Make You Stand Out

Before you misunderstand the title for a situation where the professor reads your term paper and makes you stand ‘out’ of the class – we want to clarify, that’s not what we wanted to convey. We’re talking about a situation where your term paper will earn applauds from the professor and the class.


What is a Term Paper?

To start from scratch, a term paper is an extended essay, written on a particular topic of a subject. A term paper is not completely like a research paper nor is it like an essay. For better understanding, let’s call it their cross-breed.


What All Should Be There In a Good Term Paper?

Now, that is a trick question. We’ve already said that a term paper is something between an essay and a research paper. A term paper takes its formats from a research paper and an essay both, but sometimes it might take a format that is entirely different. It depends on the person or the organization that is assigning the term paper.

So let us just lay down the basics on how to excel writing your term paper.


How to Begin?

Typically you are not provided with the topic to begin with; you have to figure it out on your own. So the normal process is to surf the internet and pick a random topic and work on it. We essentially deny the significance of the method. A term paper should be unique in the topic to earn you a good grade.

Here are a few tips on how to begin writing your term paper:


  • Do not ‘pick’ a topic from the internet or any source. The best way to get a good topic is to start reading on a general wide topic. Reading will let you scan through the depths of the subjects and then you can pick a topic that takes your fancy.
  • Pick a topic that you feel is open to discussion. For this, you should have a small research before deciding on your topic. This is to make sure that the topic doesn’t have a dead end.
  • After you decide on the topic of your assignment paper, devise your problem statement. This will give you a direction to align your research to.
  • Based on the problem statement, start doing your research. We’d like to highlight another benefit of not ‘picking’ your assignment topic – when you read for finding the topic, you already have a list of sources and the information on where to look for more, if need be. Convenient?
  • Ensure that you have everything you need before you proceed to the next part of your assignment – the part where you actually draft your term paper.


The Writing Part

Hopefully now you have the jet all fuelled and ready to go. This is the part where we tell you how to fly it.

Having established that a term paper does not have a format or structure of its own, the question arises as to how should an ideal term paper assignment be written? There has to be some format, right?

If they have, well and good – you’re sorted, but nonetheless, there are things that you should know. If they haven’t, pay full heed here.


  • Write an Abstract: After you’ve written your term paper, write a short summary of the entire paper. The length or the number of words in the abstract is totally up to the subject matter and you. But since it’s a summary, keep it like one.
  • The Format: Go with what your professor wants. If they haven’t specified anything, go with the standard ‘Introduction – Body – Conclusion’ format of an essay. However, you should include a literature review of the sources that you used.
  • The Order: Irrespective of if the format is specified or not, you should plan your paragraphs in a format that makes some sense to the reader and justifies the subject.


Make sure you comply to all the aforementioned suggestions, and writing a good term paper for your assignment is no mean feat.


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