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Descriptive Essay Writing Advanced Measures: Write From The Scratch

Descriptive essay is all about your senses and responses to a particular subject or object. Take a small piece of paper and write a few lines on anything close to your heart – it can be called a description. Similarly, illustrating on any topic based on your impression can be defined as a descriptive essay if it preserves the academic perceptions.

Evocative narrations and vivid metaphors are mightier than the sword

Unlike the approach to develop an argumentative essay, you won’t need others’ responses to develop an excellent piece of descriptive essay. Normally, this type of essays is short and compact, barely one-page long. Otherwise, chances are there that it may sound exaggerated and over-emphasized. Therefore, a little time is enough for a descriptive piece of writing.

So, what are the challenges in a descriptive essay?

“Academic responsibility” and “challenge” are the two concepts that walk hand-in-hand. Hence it is foolish to wonder that descriptive essays won’t have any challenge. Although it does not require detailing, evidence or any other special effort, there are more that one miss to observe. Hence, take care of the followings and you will rock with your descriptive essay!

1. Deciding the concept

What goes perfect for your description is a matter of big concern, indeed. You’ll need the right material to brew well. Broader concepts are hard to handle. Therefore, you can’t control a big idea in a one-page essay. On the other hand, discovering a narrow and focused subject for your description requires empirical search over the internet, online databases, and academic journals.

2. Choice of words

Word selection is very crucial when it comes to a descriptive essay. This problem is quite common in narrative essay examples. Some words over-simplify the idea you want to project, some words complicate the whole thing. A few words are too tough to understand and a few others sound childish. Sometimes, your word selection goes heavy for those who aren’t native English speakers.

3. Getting a true sense

It’s true that the fear of going wrong with evidence doesn’t exist in descriptive essays. However, you may be at the off beam with your senses. Normally, people understand what they feel deep down in their mind. Not necessary, the ideas are always correct. On the other hand, inappropriate descriptions are strictly prohibited in academic essays. So, get the true essence of your subject before penning down your impression about it.

Mind map these descriptive essay resourceful tips

Like there are challenges, there’s provision to overcome as well. Remember, your essay helps the reader get a clear picture of the concerned object. It can be anything, ranging from a personal event to a global affair. Right words, original comparisons and contrasts, exact attributes and solid hold over the language pave the road to success. Here’re some overwhelming descriptive essay writing ideas.

1. Make a note of the key exemplification points

Organizing the key addresses before writing is a sign of a good essay writer. In fact, it explains that you know how to write an essay. First, do the necessary study, and then, make a separate file to save the significant point of portrayals. Later, it will be easier for you to highlight on those occasions. However, do not include every minor idea on the list.

2. Develop the first draft with suitable subheads

The first draft is never the last draft. To get that perfect essay, you may need to write quite a few drafts – two to three at least. Some prefer to write a rough of what you are going to describe, but an ideal first draft calls for proper headings and sub-headings. Make it look like the final essay. Therefore, it will ensure fewer edits, thereby, saving enough time.

3. Don’t miss with taglines in a descriptive essay

Normally, you won’t find taglines in a compare and contrast essay or a cause and effect essay. However, it is a very important consideration in the case of a descriptive essay. At the beginning of a few paragraphs, you can use taglines based on the idea you are going to portray in that particular passage. Taglines at the end of passages are also good for engaging readers with a gist.

4. Start your essay with a metaphor or quote

Quote Kicker is a unique idea, recently added in academic essay writing style. Earlier, only hook statements have been used. Nowadays, students are widely using literary quotes and interesting facts to begin a descriptive essay. You can also open the descriptive essays with metaphors and similes. Make sure the one you are using is relevant. Force implications are just not right!

5. Use prevalent and enriched English vocabulary

Behave like a skilled narrator whenever you are assigned with descriptive essay writing responsibilities. Its style is quite similar to that of the approach of an expository essay. As you have read above that choice of words is a big challenge in descriptive essays, so go for prevalent texts. If you are referring to others’ work, paraphrase using enriched English vocabulary. Play with adverbs and adjectives to deliver a lyrical style of depiction.

Take time out and revise your descriptive essay

Students tend to indulge completely into the subject-line while writing a descriptive essay. This is because you are constantly building insight and framing words. Chance are high that you may have missed a point or made some silly mistakes with spellings or grammars. Proofreading is the only way to get rid of these. Revise repeatedly, at least twice, before submitting. Edit the necessary changes. Ensure that your essay is free from all sorts of grammatical errors, syntax mistakes, language flaws, sentence construction issues, or others. This surely helps to raise the quality standard of your writing and boost your grade.

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