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Expository Essays Writing Skills Improvement Tips: 7 Incredible Ideas

Expository essays explore multiple angles of a topic, neutrally

Expository essays are easier for those who are fond of detective story books. Although there’s no direct connection, the idea of investigation and deep-rooted evaluation of evidence link up the both. Unlike the narrative essay examples, expository essays require a student to find the exact information on a topic through layers of research and empirical study. In fact, you have to cover the whole subject-line if you are dealing with an expository essay topic.

How to improve your expository essays writing skills?

Challenges are part of chores. No matter whether it’s essay writing or cooking or gardening, difficulties are bound to come up. However, this article tells you the underlying secrets of escaping those problems. Take a close look at the suggested techniques for improving expository essay writing skills.

1. Embrace the “inverted pyramid” for expository essays format

Traditional expository essay structure is a combination of five discrete paragraphs conjoined with a transition statement. There’re no major updates on this format, till date. On the other hand, advancement is in the air – everywhere things are changing at a blink of the eyes. So, why not in essay structure!

Forget the five-layer outline and embrace the new inverted-pyramid style. This will contain paragraphs, as well, but you can exceed to reduce the count five. Mostly, the first two paragraphs, in the new structure, hold the answers to what, where, when, why, and who. Subsequent paragraphs give the most important details, slowly going insignificant down the line, and finally, end with a broad recommending edge.

2. Introduction is a traditional expository essays bugaboo

How to start an essay introduction is perhaps the most enduring fear of every student. Little or no knowledge on this fact results in cliché openings. Better you read some interesting ideas on starting an essay, here –

  • Narrative beginnings – Think of telling a story that encapsulates the problem at hand. Narrate the ideal expository story-line with a proper clue or hint within one-two sentences.
  • Descriptive opening – Begin your expository essays with a brief description of the research problem or the subject you are dealing with. No need for information. Simply, elaborate wisely.
  • Starting with a question – How about throwing a rhetorical question that takes you directly into the main expository essay point? Sometimes you give an answer in the next line, sometimes you leave it for the readers to guess.
  • Quote kicker – Opening with a relevant quote by a famous author seems to attract a greater number of readers. Make sure you are posing a significant and an appropriate quote.

3. Maintain the exact pattern of writing an expository essays

Information and elucidations are definitely important in an expository essay, but that does not mean you will neglect the expository pattern. Only this genre of essay includes a few variations, which is unlikely in persuasive essays or descriptive essays.

  • Compare and contrast essay – These essays reflect the comparison between two subjects. Select and pick the interesting similarities and dissimilarities in order to hook the audience from the very beginning of your compare and contrast essay.
  • Cause and effect essay – It’s a type of expository essay, where you have to bring both the “why” and the “what happened” into focus for illustrating an event with pragmatic details.
  • Problem and solution essay – This particular format indicates a typical essay type. Simply, choose a direct and immediate problem for your study. Further, analyze and investigate to find a proper solution in that context.

4. Furnish expository essays descriptions with exact details

Descriptive essays are not expository essays, but a bit of description is important in every genre. However, details mark its major difference with the other essay types. By definition, expository essays are a piece of writing that include evidence, facts, statistics, and other forms of information as descriptions. Here, you have to support every statement with solid evidence. Make sure there’s no gap in your expository essay.

5. Give adequate info in expository essays; no exaggeration

Many essay writers struggle with this particular problem. You will get stuck if you are living with the idea that descriptions are forms of exaggeration. Both are two different ideas. Illustrating a thought process or object or event is description, whereas, over-defining it turns into exaggeration. If you check the top-class college essay examples, you’ll understand how each description needs to be incorporated with supporting evidence. First, take an event an describe it with necessary materials within a paragraph and move to the next. This prevents exaggeration in an expository essay.

6. Be cautious about subject-verb agreement and pronoun

Concentrate on the pronoun you are using in the expository essay. “It” goes with the objects of concern, whereas, “he” or “she” goes with the subject depending on its gender. Well, it would have been better if there’s a universal pronoun. But till one gets a place in the English dictionary, you have to deal with what’s already there. Cautious use of singular and plural verbs in accordance with the subject is another important consideration. Proofread your expository essay before submission in order to get rid of these minor grammatical mistakes.

7. Conciseness and clarity are parts of expository essay model

That’s how it should be in every essay you write, irrespective of its genre. In the case of expository essay, the necessity is even more since you are dealing with exact information. Clarity brings a sense of professionalism in your writing. Avoid approximate values and deductions just the way you do in a solid argumentative essay. Cut off those figures and facts that you aren’t absolutely sure about. Above all, conciseness turns the table. If you lack in briefings and summaries, forget good scores. Simply, say what you have to say and sign off – that’s the key to an A+.

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