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7 Tricks that Every College Essay Example Involves

Your personality is something that your test scores or grades can’t reveal. However, that’s the time when your college essay comes into existence. It reflects your personal abilities and skills while letting your admission officer sense what kind of a person you are. Therefore, here’s how you can work on developing your college essay writing with some highlighting college essay examples explained by Management Writing Solutions.

What Do Most College Essay Examples Have in Common?

Writing an essay requires a few specific steps and techniques that every student must follow while writing one. Especially, when it comes to a college application essay, you should be more specific with your words and topic. In order to craft a perfect college essay, follow the guidelines from below:

1. A Reflective Topic

First of all, you must brainstorm and figure out an interesting topic that seems important to you. Be it a person, a book, or a specific place that inspires you or demoralizes you. However, you have to ensure that you can easily showcase your skills and personality traits while explaining the topic in brief.

Suppose, you choose a topic that explains your experience regarding your first school trip. Or maybe, the topic is based upon the accident you met with last time. It can be anything but make sure you have sufficient information for crafting it.

2. A Killer Introduction

You’ve already learned and you’ll learn it again that your introductory lines of the essay should be the killer ones. The introduction should be the cliffhanger that immediately excites your readers. In order to do that, you have to create suspense in your beginning paragraph. It will automatically pour sprinkles of interest in your readers’ minds and drag them to read your entire essay. Here’s how a college essay introduction should look like:

“Each morning I would wake up to the amazing smell of grilled capsicum and crushed garlic. I immediately had a feeling that my mother was preparing my favorite sandwich for me. I lived with my parents in the hills those days and I used to study in a convent school. It was my vacation after the final year exam. Capsicum, beetroot, smashed egg, mashed potatoes, mayonnaise. These were the ingredients I liked in my favorite sandwich and my mom was preparing it for me that day. Nothing else could feel better than the feeling of grabbing it in my hand and giving it my first bite.”

3. A Personal Voice

Remember, this is not the one that narrates a topic or creates a suitable circumstance to argue on certain perspectives. A college essay illustrates your strength and will power that should look impressive to the college faculty. Therefore, your individual voice should reflect through your college application essay. Simply, involve your offbeat observations and ignore the cliché to make your essay more interesting one than the rest.

“I can never stand a person abusing animals for his own pleasure. The man living next to my place couldn’t tolerate dogs entering his premises. That day, it was intolerable. She created a scene in front of the road just because my dog, Freddie, accidentally came in front of his car. He was being hilarious on him and it made me get an instant anxiety attack. I rushed there and raised my voice. The man was shuttered. That was the day I felt that every wise human should raise his/her voice against animal abuse. Sometimes, a raised voice is the best way to stop thousands of wrong speaking mouths.”

4. Technically Right

A Good college essay should never contain grammatical mistakes, syntax errors, punctuation blunders, or spelling mistakes. So you must proofread and edit each section of your write-up minutely to ensure zero technical error in your paper. The best way to rectify the errors is to start proofreading from the last and move upward gradually while correcting. Additionally, you must ensure that there is zero plagiarism in your paper by checking it with a reliable plagiarism-checking tool.

5. An Honest Confession

Through your college essay, the college faculty might be willing to judge your honesty. You might have to confess your opinion regarding an experience or a person in your custom paper. Well, there is nothing to tempt around with the idea of explaining things suitable from the faculty’ point of views. Be honest and illustrate what exactly you believe is right and what are the points that made you believe so.

“I lost to my self-consciousness. Knowing the fact, that everything happening there wasn’t right, I still choose to keep quiet. I felt like shouting out to my classmates as they were making fun of an atypical child. If I stood beside him, they would have punished me as well. That was the first time; I felt my weakness and helplessness. Tears rolled down my cheeks but I didn’t say a word.”

6. A Creative Angle

Suppose, you’re telling your personal story to your college officers and explaining each and every detail minutely. Why do you think those details will be as enchanting for your readers as those are for you? There has to be a reason for finding interest in your story. That can only be possible if there is a twist in your story. Find a creative angle in your write-up that can automatically turn on your readers’ attention and work on developing it. This way you can enlighten your academic essay by crafting a twist in it:

“I personally never relied upon the idea of taking help from none. There was hardly anyone who could get me out of my car when I came into sense after the accident. My throat was chocking and my voice was too dim to enlighten anyone’s ears. I tried seeking my phone but I couldn’t even see an inch of it. I felt helpless. Finally, I could find some noise running from far. Yes, it was the horn of a car. I thought I could find my way back to life.”

7. Get a Second Opinion

In case you are still figuring out the topic or the suitable format for your college essay online, avail professional guidance. Our best custom essay writing service is quite efficient in nailing the perfect essay for you. We have expert proofreaders and editors who can work hard on their end to make your paper entirely flawless. So get in touch with us and fix your worries right away.

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Get papers before the clock strikes!

With our professionals at your service, you can be rest assured of receiving virtuous papers in no time. Don’t miss out the offer!