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Literature Review Paper Writing: 5 Steps to “Perfectionism”

Does the literature review paper seem too frightening? Well, it shouldn’t! Like, you draw a picture, write a review. Genuinely, it’s that easy when you know the drill. Start with assembling all the works of literature to be reviewed, conduct a coherent analysis, find gaps to put up, then organize your literature review paper, and finally write a “PERFECT” draft. Here comes the question – what’s perfect or how to make it perfect? This article brings you the details; take a breath and start reading afresh.

1. Your literature review paper shouldn’t be yawning  

Thinking of reading, say about, fifty published literature review papers by other authors, before starting with your own? If yes, drop the idea now. This will only make you go crazy. May be or may not you know that literature review papers can be sometimes too tedious and sometimes overwhelming. To put it in all honesty, most literature review papers are boring as authors tend to cram the bibliography with a series of journals. Recollect, your paper shouldn’t reflect the same.

Reading too much is boring; reading ‘precise’ is exciting

Drowning with information is severe when you are into academic writing. Anytime, you may be hit by writer’s block. Predictions aren’t possible at these instances, so take precautions from the start. Read, write, and take breaks. Free up your mind. There’s no hurry unless you have been procrastinating. First, decide the research methodology for easy analysis. Secondly, develop opinions through quick reviews. You can take 50-100 kinds of literature into consideration, but don’t delve too much. Read more to know “WHY?”

2. Define the scope for your literature review paper

Worried about how to study and analyze those 100 articles? A simple tip is not to go down deeper. Take a stroll across all the articles, read them till the end, consider primary sources, and write your review. If you think of encompassing every aspect of all the articles in your literature review paper, then you are on the wrong track. This will only drive you crazy and you can never start, actually. Therefore, you will miss the deadline.

Often, best literature reviews aren’t the ones with longest bibliographies

So, what should be the approach?

  • Build a clear scope of understanding before writing the judgments
  • Don’t summarize an array of articles in your literature review paper
  • More resources and explorations don’t make the review effective
  • Focus your analysis on the primary and significant sources, only
  • Incorporate, only, what you found and read during the focused analysis
  • Develop a coherent insight from the original works and make a point

3. Everyday writing practice offers a change for better

A professional approach to your literature review paper is good to get an A+ grade. But, “HOW?” Most graduates are pros when it comes to research and study, however, the scene takes a turn with writing. Latter is a completely different responsibility, often, which gives a tremble in knees.

Now, that you have done enough research, time to take up the pen. Literature review paper writing is somewhat different from that of a dissertation or thesis writing approach. Here, the trick is to start from the get-go. Take the morning coffee and set some goals for the day. Suppose, you decide to write the abstract and introduction for the first day, then start accordingly.

No big deal in messing up with the first draft, but keep the momentum

Maintain the schedule for all the days, till you are done with the literature review paper. The best routine says, beginning with the body section is always time-saving. First, take a day-off for jotting down the collected information, and then, you are ready! Develop a coherent piece of literature review in day-by-day. Best drafts come out when your ideas are absolutely crystallized.

Note: You can start writing from the research stage, as well, rather than waiting till you are “ready.” There’s no hard and fast rule for finishing the analysis, first. And, you can keep on reading articles forever, also.

4. Focus on the paper outline to prevent being lost

Conveying your perception to the readers, in the most interesting manner, needs a lot of hardships. You cannot completely escape the challenges unless you pay someone to do your paper. However, you can lessen them a bit on following the expert’s advice. The most common and significant one is the necessity of outline. According to literature review specialists, there’s nothing better than starting your paper with an outline. Here’re those to be recalled while outlining a paper –

  • The review shouldn’t be too long as professors love to read compact contents
  • Make short focused paragraphs to preserve the solidity and compression
  • Don’t include the bulk of information in a passage; divide them into separate paragraphs
  • Decide the number of levels you want to make and name the headings and sub-heads

Some do think that an outline is additional burden. That’s not the case at all. Without an outline, you may lose track of writing. You may go wrong with the information or may skip an opinion in a hurry. To avoid these circumstances, synthesizing is crucial and that can be achieved only when you rely on the buy essay online.

5. Contour your literature review paper in a style of its own  

The approach is an important consideration in everything you write. Blindly writing a piece, simply relying on your imagination, is good for creative docs but not for academic reviews. For the latter, you need to follow a few specific guidelines with the approach. Check below –

  • Keep an informal tonality but not too much
  • Give opinions and judgments of your own
  • Don’t quote others’ opinions in your work
  • Highlight the parts quoted from original work
  • Dedicate a section for the literature summary
  • Add all the articles in the Reference section
  • Write the whole as APA format paper or MLA or others

Get fresh pairs of advice for your literature review paper

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