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Get Conversant With Unique Research Methodologies Of 2019

Writing a research paper, being an integral part of your academic life, it is important to get acquainted with new research methodologies and methods, besides apprehending how to write a research paper. This blog defines the respective meaning of the said terms alongside proposing unique techniques of researching to be followed in the coming year, 2019.

“Research” is a broader term that almost every student is familiar with, but, many may not know its relatable concepts – definition, types, and techniques!

What are the research method and the research methodology?

As you all know, research is a combination of investigation, analysis, and accumulation. To get the exact data, students follow distinct procedures and techniques. Well, that’s what experts consider as research methods for your study. The schemes and algorithms of your investigation can be multiple – they can be theoretical approaches, empirical experiments, statistical procedures, and numerical schemes. Everything that you include in your research paper abstract, introduction, body, and conclusion must be explained with rational and validated facts. Specifically, scientific methods accept explanations based on evidence rather than simple reasoning.

Research methods walk hand-in-hand with a research methodology

Research methodology, on the other hand, is a systematic approach to solving a research problem. For your study, there can be only one research methodology – choose it in perspective to your project title. It is the science, adopted by researchers, for predicting and illustrating phenomena. To be precise, a static research methodology, for your essay, serves the purpose of an effective work plan. Every good research paper example indicates a research methodology, exercised while performing the investigation.

What are the types of research methodology?

The key to compose a satiating essay, within the deadline, is to have a pre-set research methodology. Check the classifications below, and decide the one you need for your investigation.

  • Fundamental research methodology

This research methodology is for investigating the fundamental causes of the occurrence of a particular phenomenon or process. Many times, a fundamental method is referred to as theoretical research or basic research. It may not solve immediate problems or lead to instant application, but, it allows students to dig deeper into a matter for extracting the most rational and scientific explanation to a concern. Experts believe, basic research, always, facilitates the research procedure and brings in the apt conclusion to an argument.

You can modify and improvise a pre-existing theory using fundamental research methodology. For example, suppose there is a theory that applies to a certain system, owning specific conditions. With the aid of this research technique, you can extemporize that for operating on a comparatively general situation. Needless to say, you can launch new theories and principles with this methodology and can easily prove their existence.

  • Applied research methodology

Quite a common technique it is among the other research methodologies. In this procedure, students use accepted theories and popular principles to solve critical research problems. Empirical analyses, inter-disciplinary research, and case studies are generally conducted using applied research for its practical applications to the current issues. It is mostly concerned with studies requiring immediate potential actions like pollution control, checking bad behavior within an organization, boosting export to overcome loses and similar other scenarios.

It is crucial to apprehending that applied research is beneficial for basic research. There are fine lines of differences that run between the said research methodologies. Where basic research deals with broader aspects of discovering new edges to pre-existing theories, applied research focuses on narrow and practical solutions to immediate problems. A research paper introduction looks impactful on including a few data drawn from this research technique.

  • Qualitative and Quantitative research methodology

Both fundamental and applied research methodologies can fall under the categories of qualitative research and quantitative research. As the name implies, the former deals with the quality of phenomena, whereas, the later concerns to measurements of amount or quantity. Both possess certain characteristics that are completely distinct from each other. Check beneath for your knowledge.

Characteristics of qualitative research

  1. Qualitative data can never be graphed or
  2. It is descriptive, non-numerical and exploratory
  3. It solely concerns to reasoning and word-magic
  4. Its motive is to highlight the meaning and describe the feeling
  5. It analyses the “why” and “how” of decision making

Characteristics of quantitative research

  1. It deals with statistical data and mathematical inductions
  2. It is numerical, descriptive and conclusive in nature
  3. It analyses “what”, “when”, and “where” of decision making
  4. Quantitative data are presented in graphs, tables, and charts
  5. This technique is an iterative process where evidence are assessed
  • Normal research methodology

Besides the aforesaid categories, there is one more classification in recent research methodology – normal revolutionary research. For any particular field, this analytical technique is conducted in accordance with a paradigm. In your research, there must be a specific set of rubrics, procedures, and concepts that make the entire process easier and professional.

Normal revolutionary research, as per the specialists, is quite interesting – more like a puzzle-solving game. Many times, unexpected outcomes are discovered, both consistent and inconsistent. If the revealed data is erratic, researchers resume scientific activities to come out of the tensed situation. In the world of scholars, this circumstance is marked as a paradigm shift. While composing your research paper conclusion, mention a little about the conflicting discoveries.

Other “not-so-common” methodologies

  • Explanatory research – Used for seeking specific explanations for phenomena and events.
  • Action research – Exercised for finding facts to improve the condition in the social world.
  • Comparative research – Practiced for pointing similarities/dissimilarities in subjects.
  • Exploratory research – To discover deep, intense and unusual information on a matter.

These are used occasionally, unlike significant research techniques. Sometimes, in an example of the introduction of a research paper, you can see mentions about action research and exploratory research.  Depending on your paper topic, choose the required methodology and start the process of finding facts. For every technique, there’re some common steps of research to be followed.

What are the different stages of investigation?

For simplifying the entire process, there are some particular steps of digging information, often seen in the research paper outline example. Check the stages, as stated below.

  • Choosing a suitable research problem
  • Understanding the definition and aspect of the topic
  • Collecting references through survey and exploration
  • Evaluating the current status of your subject line
  • Forming the hypothesis precisely and meaningfully
  • Designing the research or planning the approach
  • Actual investigation, analysis, assessment and evaluation
  • Organizing the data – facts, figures, stats or evidence
  • Interpreting the final outcome and drafting the report

Often, some essays cannot make the impact, even after following a suitable research paper outline. It happens when the topic, itself, isn’t impactful. Below are some tips to select an apt research problem.

How to select an effective research problem?

As you have seen above, the initiation point of a research methodology is choosing a good problem of investigation. Here’s how to do that efficiently –

  • The topic must relate to recent or present circumstances
  • The researcher must possess an utmost interest in the theme
  • The scholar must not choose the subject-line under some compulsion
  • The problem must entail a narrow aspect rather than having a broad view

When picking one of your interest, choose from 100 provocative research paper topics. Make certain, your research paper leaves a good impact in the reader’s mind.

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