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Ease Your Research Paper Introduction Writing with Adequate Practices

Introducing a topic often turns out to be a rough ride for the students while working on their research paper. However, the length of the research paper introduction might vary depending upon the research paper topic you’ve chosen. Therefore, before you state your research hypothesis or queries, your introduction should deliver a rationale and context regarding your research analysis.

An introduction drags the readers to your specific area of research from the general queries or issues. You can sum it up by stating the existing understanding and background information of your research ground. You may also choose to explain your research methodology and the ultimate outcome that has been extracted from your work.

Questions to Ask:

Before you start introducing your paper, you have to ensure that you have all these answers ready in your mind:

  1. On which ground your research is being implemented?
  2. Is the research paper topic you’ve chosen serving any purpose to your field of education?
  3. What are the research outcomes that other research analysts have extracted till now regarding the topic?
  4. How is your research going to bring advancement in the existing knowledge on the topic?

Tricks to Perfect Your Research Paper Introduction

The best thing I can suggest you is to draft your introduction after writing your research paper outline. After reading through multiple research paper outline examples, you’ll get aware of the key points of the topic and you can implement them smartly in the introductory paragraph to drag your readers’ attention. Apart from that, let’s see what the specialists have to say:

Be Unique:

Being an extraordinarily original is the major highlighting aspect of writing the research paper introduction. You can start with a fact, a query regarding the topic that you’ve covered in your paper, a quotation from another analyst that you have agreed or argued in the next segments. But you have to make sure that the quotes make a direct connection with your research paper conclusion.

Highlight the Key Terms:

In order to make your introductory paragraph transparent to the readers, you can mention the key terms and concepts that the rest of the paper covers. The paragraph should be more than a research paper abstract and less than a captivating research paper. This will not only be exciting for your readers but will also cut off the unnecessary confusions regarding the next discussions.

Start with Your Research Theme:

Start with a broad and generic concept and narrow it down gradually. In the first line, you may begin with a simple broad sense and state your own thoughts and approaches in the next line. This way, you can bring the transition and let your readers understand your perspective.

Don’t make it oversized:

There is no ideal length for crafting a research paper introduction. The paragraph should be broad enough to cover all the important key aspects of the research paper and crisp enough to be readable and attentive. So you have to decide how long your introductory paragraph should be.

Components to Work on Research Paper Introduction

There can be numerous ways of how you can start your research paper introduction. Here, I’ve come up with a few tips that you can try out in your paper:

  • An issue or a glitch that your research work is based upon

In case you’ve chosen a particular issue in your research and your research analysis is excerpting a centralized idea based on the existing concern, you can highlight that in your research paper introduction. Additionally, you may state the necessities to focus on the particular problem. You can also involve the existing outcomes of the recent research on the issue.

  • Pinpoint the Gap that Your Research Can Fill

On another page, you can point out a gap in a past researched work and how your research is deliberately filling the empty space. In that case, you can start with, “As per the previous research analysis of…” or, “The past research outcomes were mistakenly assumed that…” After that, you can state the sharp ends that the previous analysts have overlooked or eliminated.

  • Represent your research query or knowledge claim

Mentioning the intent of your study by starting with your hypothesis or your research question is often a great option to keep your paper steady and information-rich. Introducing your readers directly to the questions you’ve covered in your paper helps you attract their attention easily and lets them navigate to your concept better.

  • Stress on the relevance and values of your paper

You have to convince your readers through your introductory paragraph itself that the ground your research is based on is relevant to your field of education. So the ending outcome will definitely be efficacious for the readers and it will elevate their knowledge base on the particular topic. So you have to work on your research paper introduction to make your effort purposeful and valuable.

Look into a Few Research Paper Introduction Examples…

Example 1# Marketing Strategy for Domino’s

“One of the most renowned pizza chain in today’s world, Domino’s Pizza, is aiming at delivering quality products to its huge customer base all over the world. They have used both of the online and offline marketing strategies to attain more clients and elevate revenue. However, the study says that quality is going on diminishing at a high pace from the past few years. As per the clients’ satisfaction reviews, the strategy should be more customer-oriented and quality based.”

Example 2 # Cloud Risk and Framework for Assessment

“As per the Zwikael & Ahn (2011), cloud-computing services are not bound to the affordable storage of digital data that multiple gadgets could have accessed. It involves the capacity to leverage the highlighting benefits including the assessable communication and instantaneous multi-point collaborating abilities. Through the comparative analysis, it has been possible to scrutinize the exposure of holding data in a legion of places. Say, for example, a spreadsheet that has reached the people via emails for their donation against the arbitrary security policies of sharing files via cloud. Therefore, contrasting the exposures of cloud computing against traditional solutions is going to be efficacious.”

Example 3# Operations Management: McDonald’s Corporation

“McDonald’s, established by Richard and Morris in the year 1940 in California and is currently the largest fast-food chain over the world. In the initial stage, the company started selling milkshakes to begin its operations. After the grand success of the milkshake services, the company shifted to several fast food chain retail outputs that have amused the customers with quality food and fast services. The first footprint of this company was made in Illinois and in today’s date, the company runs around 30,000 hamburger retail outlets in over 119 countries across the globe.”

Choose the Experts and Their Unmatched Skills

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With our professionals at your service, you can be rest assured of receiving virtuous papers in no time. Don’t miss out the offer!