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Operations strategy of McDonald’s Corporation

Type: Report

Domain: Quality Management

Words: 3000


Operations strategy of McDonald’s Corporation

McDonalds is a well known fast food retail chain that has a strong global presence and an impressive market position. The company is well known for serving hamburgers at very affordable rates. It is a very popular brand among the kids as well. Its corporate strategy has been such that the company is renowned for the speed of service in the fast food segment. The paper is aimed towards analysing the operations strategy of the company and identifying the order winners and order qualifiers for the restaurant chain through market research.
The paper begins with an analysis of the corporate strategy followed at McDonalds in various stakeholder segments and also as a whole. It moves on to try to analyse the corporate health of the concern by analysing company financials and analysis of a few ratios. The paper then analyses company revenues and profit figures over a 5 year period and draws a perception map in comparison with its key competitors in the industry to know its market standing. Based on a research carried out through personal interviews of 100 people divided between 4 age groups, the paper calculates what qualifiers among taste, variety, accessibility, price, speed of delivery and service emerge as order winners and qualifiers. Based on this research, the paper concludes in recommending strategies for the company that would help retain its competitive position.

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