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Globalisation of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Type: Report

Domain: Logistics Management

Words: 3000


Globalisation of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistic functions of MNEs are mostly related to their business expenditure and their service structure. With the changes in the market structure and the expansion of the global marketplace, business strategies, such as foreign direct investment and economic sustainability, are the primary focus of the Multinational Enterprises. The development of MNEs is also influenced by the changes in the supply chain management processes of such MNEs. The Organisations for Economic Cooperation’s and Development have highlighted the economic concerns of firms highlighted cost and markets as the major drivers in transcontinental business functions. PESTLE, Porter’s five forces and the YIP model were utilised in this study and focused on assessing the importance of developing a uniform strategy for managing the global operations of the business. Alternations in the concept of logistic operations and the growing influence of regulatory authorities are creating challenges for the MNEs to establish a standard platform for managing the logistics functions of the business. Although in the contemporary scenario supply chain integrations are common at an individual level, but in terms of strategic approach and international logistics network, the concept is yet to turn into reality.

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