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Research Paper Outline Examples to Embrace Research Paper Writing

A research paper outline provides a clear definition of your work that you’re going to represent through your research paper. In order to help you craft a better one this time, this article covers a few alluring research paper outline examples. An outline is a genuine action plan you prepare not to be lost while writing the actual paper, so it involves the key elements of the content. You may also call it a table of contents.

This piece aims to record your writing ideas and acts as the roadmap of your research paper. The reason is, a written plan encounters the links between far cry fields, and you achieve the ultimate success by amalgamating and evaluating the plan. Basically, it cuts off the possibility for you to use repetitive words in your paper.

Especially, when you’re about to make a deal with brief assignments of 1000 words or less. The reason is, lengthier assignments make it hard for the writers to decide a particular writing technique without a glitch when the outline is missing. In case you’re planning to go on without a plan, you’re inviting risks for yourself to get overwhelmed. Writing a great research paper might be done through a professional essay writing service.

Before anything like that happens to you, let’s see how a typical research paper outline looks like:

1. Abstract

2. Introduction

A. Hook sentence
B. Background
C. Thesis statement

3. Body Paragraphs

A. Methodology
B. Results
C. Discussion

4. Conclusion

5. References

6. Appendix

Key Elements of a Research Paper Outline

Usually, the typical outline of a research paper involves these major points:

Research Paper Title Page:

The title shouldn’t be over-lengthy or unwieldy and must be interpreting the implication of the issue in one sentence that shouldn’t include more than 60 characters. As per experts’ recommendations, one should start working on the title after finishing off the report. However, below the title of the research paper topic, you should include the writer’s name, the supervisor’s name, the name of the team members, and date.


You must be knowing how to summarize your text in a crisp form, so make a good research paper abstract that must be within approximately 200 words (occupies 1/3rd of an A4 size paper). Therefore, try engaging your readers with the results and conclusions of the research paper, so they will automatically be dragged to read through your whole content. Make him believe that the study is essential and impactful for your educational background.


In this section, you should be painstaking your research into the history of the experiment. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers and figure out why they will be interested to read through your paper and what can be the key elements that can excite them about the topic from cover to cover. To be direct, your research paper introduction must have a hooked sentence, a backdrop explanation, and a thesis statement.


This portion talks about the research methodology that you’ve adopted while executing your analysis ideas. However, the primary reason behind including this section is so that further research can be carried forward without confusion regarding the tools/equipment applied in the implementation. Moreover, the research methodology ensures that more people can be involved in the experiment.


Here you have to represent your research findings or the final outcomes of your research analysis. This is the reason why this piece is extremely crucial for you to showcase your achievements and this section has a huge contribution towards convincing your readers that the hypothesis is complete or still willing to be worked on.


Now you have to discuss the attained results and explain whether they’ve met your expectations successfully or not. In order to do that, you first have to decide on your own whether you’ve successfully proved the hypothesis or failed in it. Include calculations, approaches, and charts; and explain their necessities in the concerned ground.


Basically, a research paper conclusion is an elaborated version of the abstract. In the ending note, you’ve to stress the appraisal of the research by elaborating your research findings and the thesis statement. The only thing you have to ensure is that you’re not including a new fact in your ending lines.


Based upon the required research paper outline format (APA, MLA, Chicago, and etc.), mention the resources you’ve made use of during your whole research analysis. Therefore, be ensured that you don’t have to explain the insights of the references.

Have a Glimpse of Some Research Paper Outline Examples

Research Paper Outline Example #1


1. Introduction

A. Hooked sentence
B. Background of Social Media
C. Thesis statement

2. Digital Marketing

A. Approaches and usage
B. Importance of digital marketing

3. Benefits of Social Media in Marketing

A. Social networking sites
B. Sharing of data and news
C. Activities of online communities through online advertising

4. Impact of Social Media

A. Promotion of Brand loyalty
B. Selling through social networking and online sites

5. Conclusion

A. Involvement of gadgets in digital promotion
B. Importance of the final outcome

6. Reference List

Research Paper Outline Example #2

Title: Born Global

I. Introduction

A. Backdrops of globalization and its transitions
B. Thesis statement

II. Changes in the concept of globalization

A. Previous research outcomes of other analysts
B. Its impact on business growth and processes

III. Drivers and barriers to internationalization

A. Drivers and barriers on the grounds of geographic, demographic nature, political, and economic scenario of the countries
B. Technological and economical changes in industrial and national perspectives

IV. Influence of internationalization on Management decisions

A. Study analysis of global born firms, MacMillan and Venkataraman
B. Their impact on the industrial market

V. Standardization and adaptation

A. Industries meeting customer needs and market expectations
B. Reflection of Gary, Wood, and Pillinger

VI. Key factors effecting international and market structures

A. Porter’s Five Forces or PESTLE
B. Estimation of Morris, Schindehutte, and Allen
C. Counterattack of Cavusgil and Knight

VII. Conclusion

A. Summary of the final expectations
B. Similar arguments in a crisp form

VIII. Reference List

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