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Improving a Research Paper Conclusion with Some Potential Hacks

A research paper is usually a lengthier form of a typical essay. Presentation of a research paper may vary as per the requested writing style (MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and Oxford). In APA writing, the conclusion portion is equally significant to the research paper introduction. There are specific guidelines for writing each portion of a research paper; and similarly, the conclusion has its own significance.

The conclusion sounds like the ending chord of a song that stands to reflect the tightness and completeness of the paper. At the end of your thesis, you have to convince your readers that the queries or facts you’ve stated in your paper isn’t vague. Moreover, the concepts must have a high connotation to the area of your education.

What to Do for the Betterment of Your Research Paper Conclusion?

Students have to cover so many aspects of a research paper (research paper abstract, research paper outline, research methodology, and etc.). However, in the end, they often feel out of words while crafting the conclusion. As far as the conclusion portion is pretty critical, I would suggest you try out the tricks from here. It will help you provide the perfect finishing touch to your research paper.

Start with a Thesis Statement

While concluding, involving your thesis statement again can be a great idea to pour your thoughts into your readers’ minds. However, without making piracy, you can extract the central theme of your thesis and implement it in the conclusion. Going through several research paper outline examples will give you a brief idea on this particular matter.

In that case, you have to look after a few necessities while drafting the ending note for your research paper.

  • The segment is not supposed to be larger than the actual sentence. So avoid wordiness.
  • If your research paper is covering some strong arguments, extract the key points from each paragraph in a crisp form.
  • In case your paper is about nursing and healthcare, you can start your conclusion in this way. “A wise ophthalmic manager must possess the skills of communicating, researching, organizing sales and services feeling.”
  • Similarly, if accounting is your topic, you can restate your statement in this form. “Accurate accounting research much resolve the issues regarding wise and effective allocation of resources.”

An Efficacious Call-To-Action

In order to develop a great research paper closure, including a call-to-action (CTA) can be a pretty good option. Remember, the CTA highlights the pieces of evidence to go on with the research after reading through your paper. Is there an improper significance or a contradictive idea? In that case, you can influence your readers to research continually on their own.

You have to give your professor the chance to hunt more information on the topic. To do that, you add a call-to-action in your research paper conclusion as an extra piece of writing. However, it totally depends on the research paper topic you’ve chosen to work on. For example, a paper on reviews or literary criticism doesn’t require this option in its concluding section.

On the other page, is your paper about the domination of alcoholic beverages on the human body and organism? End it with a CTA to let the research be proceeding by your readers. On the same note, if your paper is highlighting the social requirements, it can win the battle with a CTA.

Rules of Composing a CTA

A CTA encourages your readers to invest their precious time into volunteering or searching more about the topic. To make your conclusion more persuasive and inspiring, you can start the CTA portion with a question or a suggestion. In several examples of introduction in a research paper, you may apply the same tactic to make it captivating.

However, I would suggest you not to enclose the topic with a query unless you’ve chosen a topic regarding the following subjective issues:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Politics
  • Social status
  • World religion
  • Nationality / Race
  • Sexual orientation

Is your topic depending upon another ground of study? Better craft the CTA with the final statements and not with a query.

A Quick Discussion on Perfecting Your Research Paper Conclusion

Now you’ve already been knowledgeable enough with the skills of being a good conclusion writer for your research paper. Time has come that you check a few quick hacks to remove the generic flaws from your paper.

  1. Ensure that your conclusion isn’t beginning with some trivial phrases like, “In conclusion…”, “Summing up…”, or “To conclude…”
  2. The tone, you choose for writing your paper, must be the same in the conclusion portion as well.
  3. Trick to elevate your writing quality is to start each paragraph with the last idea of the previous one. Therefore, in conclusion, you can inject a crisp view from each paragraph and don’t come up with anything irrelevant.

Make sure you keep these sharp ends in mind while drafting your research paper conclusion.

Insights of a few Research Paper Conclusion Examples

Let’s look into a few examples of research paper conclusions that are carrying a perfect format and writing quality.

Example 1# Cultural Differences in Negotiations between China and USA

“In the era of international business, it’s essential to understand the culture of the other counterpart before going for a negotiation. In the cultures of America and China, there are three most highlighting differentiations. As soon as the businesses adopt these far cry aspects, they will ease the procedure of tweaking their negotiation strategy as per the culture of the counterpart.”

Example 2# Global Economy: Bretton Woods

“The approach of forming a uniform image has been among the continuous efforts of the national, local, global, and corporate organizations. The elevation of Bretton Wood was abetted to form discipline in the financial and economic conditions of far cry nations after World War II. However, the latitude changed and became more stable as well as changing the needs of the nation members. There has been a huge sync in the theory of handling the economic and financial decisions of the firms. It takes place while considering the operational time frames. As per several scholars, the regulations of IMF and World Bank are not aiming at absorbing the development and stability. As they don’t acknowledge the future implications on the social aspect. An aspect, that WTO has developed the TRIPS, has been majorly criticized due to the durability of the regulations. As there is a traditional platform for financial, global, and economic operations, the Bretton Wood organizations must have needs.”

Take Help from Professionals for a Better Guidance

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