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What is a Thesis? How to Strengthen It Practically?

A thesis statement is the one that announces the topic in brief to the specific audience. If you wish to give a dynamic look to your thesis then you must take help from a professional essay writing service provider. The aspects and discussions you make throughout your paper should reflect through your thesis statement. Usually, a thesis statement appears at the end of your opening paragraph. In crisp, this is the first opportunity you must grab to hook your readers’ attention in your paper.

However, a general research paper is often lengthier than the usual essays but a thesis is concise and short. So you have to work on extracting the key segments of your paper and craft those briefly in one or two lines. Remember, a thesis should narrow down the vast area of your topic and your readers’ search for it alongside.

Traits of a Good Thesis Statement

There are some peculiar aspects of crafting a good thesis statement. Therefore, before you put your hands in your paper, have a glimpse of the primary attributes of it:

  • It ignores irrelevant words and cuts-off wordiness.
  • There is no place for the first person in your thesis.
  • To start with a robust thesis, pen it down in the end.
  • It forecasts and repudiates the arguments and counter-strokes of your paper.
  • The statement is more like a map that can guide your readers throughout your work.
  • A strong thesis statement is outrageous that can provoke your readers by justifying facts.

So basically, the equation of your thesis statement should sound relatable to this:

What you’ve argued in your paper + How you’ve proven your point = Thesis Statement

Remember, you must write your thesis statement after you finish writing your entire paper until the conclusion. Otherwise, you might end up wasting most of your time and effort on revising the thesis statement.

How Can You Ensure If Your Thesis Statement is an Active One?

Most students end up making the same mistake by jotting down the summary of the entire paper. However, I’m pretty sure that you’re not willing to repeat the tradition and that’s why you’re here and expecting a betterment. There are a few grounds that your readers expect your thesis statement to stand on. So now you have to step into the shoes of your readers and make a clear checklist.

  • Does your thesis genuinely drag your readers to the core subject matter?
  • Does it sound too complex or lengthy to someone who doesn’t know your topic?
  • Is your thesis enough inspirational to your readers to let them ask “Why” or “How”?
  • Is the statement keeping the general phrases and sweeping words away from its territory?
  • Can the statement be developed in a more attractive form or with a better choice of words?

Once you read through your thesis multiple times, the answers to these questions should automatically highlight in your mind. As soon as you find a single flaw in it, you already know what to do next.

What is a Thesis? How about Checking Some Examples?

Here, we have put a few examples of some strong thesis statements that can enlighten your idea of writing yours. Have a glimpse…

A thesis statement on Cyber Bullying:

“Cyber-bullying is pulling down a lot of stress factors upon the teenage shoulders and darkening their future opportunities. Parents must keep an eye on their children’s online activities to combat cyber-bullying from the roots.”

A thesis statement on Medical Marijuana approval:

“Medical Marijuana works incredibly well on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder patients. Prescribing medical marijuana should be legal in all states to re-integrate the veterans back into life.”

A thesis statement on the Vegan diet:

“A vegan diet is genuinely an ethical and healthy way of food consumption. It also keeps you away from avoidable stress factors and keeps your mind calm enough to meditate.”

Quick Guide to Strengthen Your Thesis

Fortunately, there are some typical ideas that you can implement while you pen down your thesis statement. And we’re here to present those in front of your eyes:

  • Pen down the central discussion of each paragraph in a single statement.
  • Now you have around 4-5 statements extracted from all the sections of the paper.
  • Analyze the statements and brainstorm further if you can shorten or merge the assertions.
  • Include the exciting facts you’ve talked about and write them down in one or two simple lines.

Once you follow the step-by-step procedure on your own, you easily craft a great thesis statement for your research paper.

In case you’re still drooling with your thesis statement and unable to fix your confusion, we’re here for you. Remember, our best custom essay writing service is available round the clock to resolve your paper-writing queries. So contact us for buy an essay or log in to our website at the soonest and expect our expert writers to craft a perfect paper for you.

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Get papers before the clock strikes!

With our professionals at your service, you can be rest assured of receiving virtuous papers in no time. Don’t miss out the offer!