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5 Amazing Steps to Ease Your Essay Outline Making

An essay outline is extremely helpful for the writers to get the right structure and guidance beforehand. While crafting an essay, we have to cope with multiple aspects and naturally, we end up forgetting some of them. That is the reason each student must prepare an outline before putting his/her hands in essay writing.

Several institutions often ask for an essay outline before the actual paper submission. Usually, it reflects the planning of your work and the intensity of your research before writing on a topic. However, there is a certain method of how you can present the best essay outline in the class.

Steps on Crafting a Perfect Essay Outline

In order to develop an efficacious outline for your essay, there are some peculiar steps that you have to follow. Be it a persuasive essay or a narrative one, a perfect outline summarizes the entire subject matter of your paper. Let’s have a look at the steps for perfecting your essay outline:

1. Know the Prompt First

First of all, to rush into something, you have to understand the basic criteria of it. Most students do the same mistake by not looking into the prompt closely and end up messing things up. I’m sure you don’t wish to repeat the same mistake all over again. So read the guidelines carefully and understand what exactly your professor has asked from your custom paper.

In case you’ve already got a topic from your supervisor, you can go into searching for it. However, if you’ve got the opportunity to choose your own topic, you must choose it wisely. Make sure your topic is relatable to the field of your education and adds values to it.

2. Target Your Audience

The next big thing you have to preset before writing is knowing your target audience. The person, who is reading your essay, must be carrying some primary expectations in mind regarding your write-up. In order to get the ultimate recognition, every author has to understand his/her readers’ minds. This way you can set your own purpose of writing the essay.

Once you know what your audience looks for in your paper, you work on your end to meet their expectations. Therefore, you look for the relevant key notes that can pour interests in your readers’ minds regarding your topic. Remember, your work gets the ultimate recognition only if your readers are happy with your essay and are aiming at giving you so.

3. Establish a Thesis

Once you preset your ideas and purpose of structuring the essay, you’re all set to prepare for a thesis statement. A thesis statement, that carrying the central concept of your paper and present it in a single or double sentences. It is that enchanting portion of your essay that works the most in dragging your readers’ attention.

While developing your thesis statement, you must not make things obvious by staring with “This essay is reflecting the…” However, you actually have to reflect the facts through this single sentence in a crisp and effective manner. Additionally, avoid using worldwide facts that everyone is aware of already. Instead of that, you may represent how your essay brings out the far cry ideas from the same traditional topic.

4. Deciding on Structuring Your Outline

Now that you look ready with the essentials of essay writing, it’s time for you to set the outline structure. For example, you may choose the alphanumeric structure of the outline to divide and subdivide your essay. Each subdivision may appear in an alphanumeric form that makes the entire structure visually appealing and understandable.

Next, you have to extract the key phrases from each division and subdivision and place them in the right order. For example, if one of the sections is appearing with a verb using the present tense, the first line of its subsection should also begin with a verb using the present tense. After that, coordinate between the title, the headings, and the subheadings and decide which section comes under whom.

5. All Set for Organizing the Essay Outline

Finally, you have to move forward to writing your essay outline. Be it an argumentative essay writing or descriptive writing, the tactics of organizing the paper remain the same.

Essay Outline example


First, begin with an introduction that grabs most of the attention of your readers. There is a specific technique of how you can outline your introductory paragraph:

  • The first sub-point should introduce your topic to your readers. An anecdote or stating an exciting fact can turn out to be a great idea to give it a kick-start.
  • Next, describe the problem, state the background of the topic and explore it a bit more. Despite being crisp, this section should let your readers know the topic better.
  • Finally, state the thesis statement that you’ve already prepared in the meantime.


Now the body paragraphs come into appearance. Essay writing, as a part of college homework, requires some specific aspects to be involved correctly. Divide it into at least three subsections and explain each of them with the key assertions.

  • Avoid labeling any specific point as the main point. Instead, you must focus on presenting it as the main part of the entire write-up.
  • Under each subdivision, involve a few supporting pieces of evidence in a bulleting form. Next, simply illustrate the evidential proofs and specify how they add value to the essay.
  • At the end of each subsection (main point), place a transition sentence that indicates to the next main point. This way your readers get a clear idea of what exactly the next section holds.


This portion again takes your audience back to the information you presented in your introduction. However, you must ensure that the last impression should be the best one to get a stronghold in your audience’s minds. And, don’t forget to maintain the quality.

  • Bring back your thesis statement without copying the word-to-word data. Instead, you restate the same information and reframe it in a fresh mood.
  • The concluding potion usually represents the implications of the essay or define its ideas in brief. Give a solution to the problem you addressed in your essay or simply illustrate the importance of the topic itself

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