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Skills you need to write a dissertation

A dissertation is best defined as an original piece of research work that is done on a topic clearly defined by the author of the paper. Generally it is the most substantial piece of work that is done by undergraduate students. A related piece of work that is usually undertaken by post graduate students is called a thesis. But the terminology of these two academic assignments may vary on the grade level in different countries and universities.

This task is often the longest piece of work a student must complete in their academic life and is also the most difficult one. But then again this work is often highly rewarding when accomplished as the students have the advantage to choose their own topic for writing the dissertation which is contrast to essays and other similar assignments. Thus, the students can work in their own initiative and need not put in extra effort to find the right motivation to get the work done. After all students will only choose the topic that they are comfortable with and are interested about.

What is the point of writing a dissertation?


Writing a dissertation requires an array of research skills and planning, all of which are important assets for a successful career in the future within organizations.

An effectively written dissertation should have the topic and questions clearly defined with all the relevant data gathered within a very short span of time. Undergraduate programs usually allow only 6 weeks for research in undergraduate studies.

It is highly recommendable that students choose a topic that they are familiar with so that they can have a predetermined framework to conduct their literature review and also share some understanding and interest about the main theory behind the topic.

How to write a dissertation?


Most colleges and universities offer clearly defined guidelines to students about writing a dissertation or a thesis. Here in this post we will discuss about how one can conduct their literature review and manage time when writing a dissertation as these two are the most challenging part sof writing a dissertation.

The first step is to manage your time effectively:

Regardless of how organized, OCD-driven person you may be a dissertation takes time and is the most challenging academic assignment you will ever have to take up. So, it is crucial to manage the most important currency in this project and that is time.

A few tips on time management during arduous academic projects:


  • It takes time to get organized; it does not happen by chance. So give yourself ample time to practice and own it.
  • Learn to differentiate between things that are important and things that are absolutely urgent. This is a delicate distinction but also the most effective way to manage time when doing difficult academic tasks.
  • Break down mammoth tasks into smaller doable chunks and then consider if you can delegate them. If you intimidate yourself at the beginning of the project by having a huge task-list, you are likely to tire your brain out by simply the very thought of that stressing schedule and will intimidate yourself. Keep things light by breaking down bigger goals into smaller achievements.
Literature review and research methodology:


These two topics are often combined together to as what a dissertation aims to prove must fall in place with the existing literature and complement them. We suggest that the best way to get your dissertation done is to write as you go along with your reading and research on the references. However, it is highly important that you cite proper references as per the prescribed format.

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