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An MBA Where Almost Half of the World Participates

If you are interested in the world of MBA programs, the INSEAD is a name which needs no introduction.You should also be aware of the great diversity in terms of culture from where the MBA students came from. The international atmosphere at its Singapore campus follows on the footsteps of the Home campus of INSEAD.

In fact the MBA program offered by the school beats all, with students from no less than 80 countries participating in the program with the number of cohorts totaling close to 1000 per year, a fact that is to be lauded.

Students from Singapore, to cite an example constitute, less that 5% of the total students of last year, the number of which stood at 1,018

According to Professor Ilian Mihov, who happens to be the dean of the Singapore campus, this diversity in the background of students, lets them glide on smoothly in work environments with large cultural differences and as such they are ready to take their position as business leaders of a globalized world.

He further states that recruiters prize the global talent pool’s depth and breadth that lets INSEAD graduates to take up jobs regardless of the location.

It is interesting to note here that INSEAD recently took the top spot in the global ranking, released annually, meant for MBA programs. The INSEAD MBA toppled long standing heavyweights like Hravard, Wharton, and the London Business School to take the top spot according to the Global MBA Ranking in the Financial Times.

Student diversity and the career progression of alumni were also taken into account as the basis for the rankings.

INSEAD takes pride in abiding by one of its founding principles i.e. to be truly international with rules stipulating that no more than 33.3% of the faculty, board and of course the students can have the same nationality.

The MBA curriculum is intended to thoroughly and swiftly prepare the students for an international business career. In order that the program meets the specific goals for the career of the student a wide variety of courses may be opted for which are inclusive of subjects like negotiations and cost management.

The INSEAD one year course is considered to be an excellent value for money when contrasted with the two year degrees at other famed B-schools.

The alumni of INSEAD received annual compensation to the tune of $234,000 just three years after graduation.

Despite performing outstandingly, the school does not intend to increase the number of MBA it takes in. In order to achieve the aspiration of being really international INSEAD was quick to recognize the importance to move out of Europe and Asia was the best choice. During that time Asia was witnessing rising demand for business education of outstanding quality and INSEAD delivered accordingly.

Strong support by the political authorities and presence of several large multi-nationals won the case for Singapore as the location of choice. As an alumnus of its first batch of 53 students across 26 countries from INSEAD Singapore in 2000, Chan Kiat testified that the program served to increase the career option and threw open various paths related to the development of their career. He added that the great mixture of MBA cohorts made the difference.

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