Best MBA in UK or Abroad?


In the changed scenario where global is the driving keyword the new emerging trend is to seek educational destinations other than the tried and tested seats of the US and the UK. That is the indication that QS Top MBA has found in its latest research.

An average course at an excellent business school in the UK costs £40,000 while one in the US sets you back by a whopping £70,000. So it is still an important decision for many a students with a small fortune hanging in the balance.

Where to Study

Location is undoubtedly an important consideration with the proper access of institutions to local businesses. Another thing that determines the importance of location is the field of study. If you are studying finance then financial hubs are your best bet and so on and so forth. Influences of different cultures are being increasingly found in the work environment of corporate institutions.

As a matter of contrast, the relationship between institution and location is fast fading away, with foreign universities starting mini-campuses outside their home countries enticing students with an experience of the original Alma matter.

This holds ground for both US and UK universities like Stanford, London Business School amongst others. Both structure and content also becoming increasingly global with exchange agreements being the norm. Apart from a number of universities in Asia the reputation of western universities still dominate.

The Factors of Money and Time

MBA in UK and Europe usually is of single year duration while those from US last for two years with much more exposure and the chance to learn more. Interestingly, starting salaries show little difference between the two.

The situation is made better for UK students as scholarships are no more the sole preserve of the USA with 35% of the new entrants at LBS being given financial support.

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