Buying Expensive Christmas Gifts In A Hurry?

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Initially a month before Christmas, this seems unlikely to be your story. But as the day approaches juggling between work and life, most of us still find a hard time trying to think of the perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones.

So, what do we do? Days before Christmas we rush to Sephora and get that overly priced gift basket of flavored toiletries that our niece will probably never use. Yes, all that thinking you began on August only became futile as you acted on all that thinking only mid-December, the height of Christmas shopping season.

Let’s face it we love the crinkly smiles on our loved ones faces and the sparkle in their eyes when we give them the right gift. That is the reason we enjoy giving gifts so much, more so around this time of the year. But sometimes if our wallet is short on cash or there is an especially extravagant gift you want to give someone special on the list, getting a good bargain can never hurt.Regardless of your situation, saving some money always sounds good for everyone. So here are a few tips on how to save some extra cash while you check that Christmas list.

Tip #1

This is the jolly time to use those gift cards, rebate checks, membership offers, club cards, Extra Bucks etc. Many a times we buy two bottles of Tide at Target store and get a USD 5 gift card every month; if this happens with you throughout the year, then you are in luck. Keep them all aside and use them up during this time of the year. Also, Costco Executive Member Cash Back check and Menards rebate check can be other feasible options to help save some money.

Tip #2

Use those credit card points to exchange for gift cards. Nowadays most credit cards come with some form of reward system, be it credit points or cash back offers. Use these credit points to acquire more gift cards.

Tip #3

Online garage sales, thrift stores, likes of uptown yard sales can be your treasure trove if you have a keen eye. Look around hard enough and you are likely to come across some new stuff hidden in a pile of useless bits and pieces.

Tip #4

Re-gifting can be a good option if you make sure the original giver never comes across it. I know re-gifting is heavily frowned upon by most bloggers writing all there is to know about Christmas or other occasion gifting. But it can be the right way if done the right way.

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