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Can You Really Live Up To Your Potential?

Humans like to blame stuff for their problems; they blame everything and everyone for their own failures and shortcomings.

Rarely will you ever see a man accepting his own reasons, behind who he is and living a life which is the result of the decisions he made!

It is a fact that most people are primarily shaped by their surroundings, their environments build them, people rub off on people and by all influences them, it is just like how common cold spreads!

However, at the same time, free will is not a myth, no matter how bad your situation is you will have the ability to change it.

Because at the end of the day humans have the ability to change themselves and their lives; only whether or not one chooses to do so, is up to them.

Want to know which is the most toxic thing in your life? All that potential that populates your heart and mind and runs through your veins untapped, waiting, sitting around being pushed round and round by some strange gravity but never having the opening to leap out and do some magic.

Think self-control is your problem? Why don’t you have any?


Here’s why… this section of our blog will lay it out like an essay outline format.


Everyone of us has this strange gift of being able to control ourselves. And that too at a relatively high extent. But of course, having control of our thoughts, our mindset and our actions and realities takes a lot of hard work. This work is never easy and never comes naturally to us.

While it still comes a little more naturally to some as opposed to others, but despite that the most gifted must persist and maintain focus.

To control means you must interact with a force and guide its energy at a certain direction. Controlling is often misunderstood as something to hold onto, but instead is about redirecting our thoughts and actions towards a certain purpose.

The first step to having control over ones surroundings is to have control over one’s mind and body. So, trust us when we say that you have the potential to do so, it lies as a part of you.

All you need to do is to simply tap into that unutilized potential of yours. The best way to do so, is to make up your mind that in every waking moment you must allow yourself to take control!

It is the reason you are feeling lost!


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The feeling of waking up and feeling you are in someone else’s skin, going about ever moment of the day feeling awful. Despising everything that you do, hating the job you are getting paid for, wishing you had friends that are worthy of holding that title… all these are common amongst those feel lost.

But know that you are not alone. The answer to discover your true self, to find the real purpose in life and find peace and contentment – is by being the person that you hope to be, and you need to be! The you of the future can only be your present, if you tap into that potential of yours! And what better time than the present?

Your untapped potential can help you understand and handle your emotions!


We unleash our untapped potentials when writing an essay outline example:


You possess the power to known yourself and understand yourself completely. There is the ability of not just feeling motions but understanding them, in you, through introspection, dissection and processing. Just like we do when writing a marketing plan assignment for MBA.

You should not be a mystery to yourself. The way you feel should not confuse you or make you uncertain… emotions must supplement your reality, they should offer you a better more fuller understanding of what you are and how you see the world, it should be your own personal reality.

While emotions may feel like a purpose, you must know that they are not. They are there to help you understand what your purpose is, we should not get addicted to the high emotions provides us with.

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