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Successful tips on how to write a worthy argumentative essay

Essays are generally a very hard to master and if you are a student, it can spell nightmares on you. In Shakespearean language “To err is human” meaning it is human enough to make mistakes, unfortunately, cannot be applied here as you have to perfect essays with the utmost dedication and perseverance. Essay writing is one of the toughest art that anyone can think of achieving, more so because of the grades that have to be kept in mind, because no matter what you write, you will be judged by your grades that are attached to it. It spells more fear in the minds of the students when they hear the name of an argumentative essay.

Argumentative essay definition as the name suggests deals with essays which needs to be done with comprehensive research and with proper data that needs to be represented in order to reveal the authenticity of your write-ups. An argumentative essay may include topics that would need a student to conduct extensive research and even take interviews to reveal the proper point of view about the topic. Such detailed research will allow the student to learn about the topic in a proper away and know about the topic well thus enabling him/her to write well about the topic. Argumentative essays, no matter how much extensively it has been researched, it has to be written with a proper thesis statement and the reasoning should be crystal clear, as that would reveal the authenticity of your write up.

How to write an argumentative essay outline format?

An outline of any type of essay is of utmost importance and it is of further importance as it generally deals with proper discussion. An argumentative essay outline or an outline is basically nothing but the initial stage of any writing activity, it is basically the structural plan that keeps your ideas intact to the topic and doesn’t let them go haywire. Let us how you will prepare the outline or the format of a worthy argumentative essay:


  • Normally, the argumentative essay structure starts with an introduction where you got to write about the purpose of the essay
  • The purpose should be written with such clarity so that it can reveal the general overview of the subject to the reader that you are going to argue upon in your essay.
  • The thesis statement should be put here, which should reveal similar facts like the purpose of the topic, the thesis statement should be brief and to the point. Don’t waste your time on trivial pursuits while writing on the thesis statement.


  • This is an important section of the argumentative essay format, the main points about the argumentative essay need to be written here.
  • Detailed evidence should be put forward with your arguments.
  • Use of subtle tone is well advised whenever you place your arguments, too much provocative language or biases towards your work will result in the rejection of your paper. So be very sure whenever you are placing your argument.

Arguments can be based into two perspectives:

  1. Take the opponent’s viewpoint into consideration: It is not necessary that you have to backlash against every point that your opponent throws up on you. You can also agree to some of the points raised by your opponent or raised by the topic. Now backlashing against this alternate viewpoints will be crucial to the success of your argumentative essay.
  2. Opposing the viewpoint: No one can take in someone refuting his/her viewpoint, now when you backlash against someone’s view; you have to support it with very strong evidence. This section is probably the most crucial of all; you have to go through a lot of extensive research to support your arguments. Be more creative in this section, as creativity will help you to carve out the certain loopholes in the opposition’s viewpoint on the concerned topic.


  • This paragraph should touch upon the main points about the topic in brief.
  • Restating your thesis statement is considered as one of the best ways to end your topic on an argumentative essay.
  • You can add up your own ideas as to how your arguments can help solve the issues discussed in the topic, but relevance is the key.


  • Depending on your instructor or teacher, the citations (APA, MLA or CHICAGO etc.) should be used accordingly. The reference list should be put up according to the citations that you have used.
  • The reference list should include all the sources from where you have sourced out the information for your argumentative essay.

Ways to select a debatable argumentative topic:

Selecting an argumentative topic can be very tricky so help yourself by choosing a topic that is trending. Socially trending topics are always well advised to be chosen, as every trending topic will contain loopholes where you can place your alternative argument, it may be controversial but that should not hither you to place your arguments with proper evidence. Let us see some of the debatable topics which you might be interested in:

  • Education should be made free for anyone and everyone.
  • Why are citizens getting obese globally?
  • Students should be allowed to choose any discipline in studies.
  • A current academic system needs to be changed.
  • Higher rates of interest are necessary for fixed deposits.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of financial assistance.
  • Commercializing of education needs to be stopped.

Argumentative essay example, properly shown:

An argumentative essay needs to be written in a specific style which can attract the readers especially the examiners. Let us examine a proper example of an argumentative essay from the above-mentioned topics; this will help you to understand better on how to write on an argumentative essay topic.

Let us discuss in brief on the topic:    Higher rates of interest are necessary for fixed deposits


In this modern age where every penny is important for your life, the bank rates are a disappointment for many, the interest rates. Lifelong fixed deposit interest rates need to reexamined as some of the banks are lashing out their interest rates as low as 5% per annum.

Is it necessary?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary as of why would a commoner invest so much money for so many years without the opportunity to break the funds, then taking in just a little gain of money when the maturity ends. This is completely horrendous for many, so it is absolutely necessary for banks to look into the needs of the commoners.


The impact of this low-interest rates are huge as some of the commoners invest a heavy part of their monthly income on fixed deposits, so not getting adequate returns after a term of say 20 years can spell nightmares to their dreams.

Solving techniques:

This can be partly solved by taking the interest rates higher to around 6.5-7.5%, this will help the commoners to get adequate returns of their fixed deposits and banks too won’t run on a loss. As reports suggest that the banks won’t run on inflation if the interest rates are upgrades by 1%-1.5%.


The above arguments are based on strong evidence and the perspective has been taken from genuine reports. Bank rates on fixed deposits really should be placed a bit higher in order to help common people. An argumentative essay can be written in an above-mentioned way.

Need Professional writing help?

Elevating your skills in writing should be your primary focus. If you need any help regarding argumentative essay writing that can bring you excellence then you receive professional argumentative essay help online by Management Writing Solutions by consulting their experienced writers. These writers are well experienced and will help you by delivering top quality write-ups on an argumentative essay that can put your career to the zenith of its potential.

Argumentative essay is generally considered to be tough but by following the above-mentioned techniques, one can easily solve the problem and decode the success formula towards writing on the same.

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