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The Simple Secret to Outperform Competition – automate performance management

Would you like to know the secret behind how to achieve organizational success? It is strong performance management, which is the processes you put in place to assess and rewards and the abilities for your workforce to meet and exceed goals.

The main idea is to improve morale, drive loyalty and increase the overall productivity in your employees through performance management is the key to a company’s ability for outperforming competition.

The best performance management systems are the ones that establish a true pay-for-performance culture, which in turn drives better employee engagement. The process for linking a company’s compensation plan to team or individual performance requires the following – setting, assessing, and rewarding achievable performance success and expectations.

There are several ways to approach the task of creating a performance management process, but the truth is that most companies have it organized like this:

  • Individual goals and corporate strategy are defined and communicated throughout the company
  • The progress on goals is monitored and management of such goals provides coaching on performance
  • Individual performance is appraised and feedback and formal documentation are awarded
  • Based on performance, compensation is given. If the performance meets or exceeds the desired standard a reward is given. If the performance does not meet the desired standards, then a performance development plan is put in place to address this gap and the new performance date is scheduled.

How to define goals: (Get proper marketing plan assignment for MBA)


The first step to effective performance management is to setup the stage correctly you must define individual goals, and then align them with the company’s overall strategy. The process of setting goals must be a collaborative process between the manager and his or her subordinates.

Once you have a companywide strategy established, individual goals should be created that supports the big picture for the company.

Monitoring the progress on goals:


Managers must be aware of their employees’ progress towards the goals they set for them. And should be ready for offering coaching assistance or resources when it appears that the goal targets may be missed or even better to acknowledge the developments with appropriate fiscal or non-fiscal rewards.

The process of appraisals: (Graduate with flying colours with our MBA dissertation writing services)


In order to get the most out of the workers, the process of appraisals should include observing, listening, and offering constructive feedback along with providing due recognition. A majority of performance management solutions include writing assistance and tools to assist the mangers find just the right word for allowing to give constructive feedback with analysis of the employee’s performance.

In closing thoughts, a first class performance management system or plan is the key to creating an engaged and aligned workforce, which remains as the true hallmark to a successful business. Without a good performance management system in place you could lose more than just money and time, also good workers.

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