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Where Is Santa This Christmas?

If you are a professional Santa Claus then this particular blog post should interest you. Yes, I hear how absolutely hilarious it may sound hearing the word “professional Santa Claus”; moreover, what should be even more surprising for you is there is a whole industry of professional Santas. Before this whole industry began there were enclosed malls and Santa Photolands where children could meet Father Christmas and get a few snapshots with him.

But today Santa Claus is a full-fledged industry. We understand that he still needs to be traditional to maintain the whole mystique of this character. Currently Santas have been brought into the whole civic and corporate world with private bookings. The following points will let you know how the Santa business has blossomed over the years:

The past 15 years have seen the Santa industry reach its peak; from the neighbourhoody little gig for some extra cash it has now reached to be a high profile entertainment industry.

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