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Where Is Santa This Christmas?

If you are a professional Santa Claus then this particular blog post should interest you. Yes, I hear how absolutely hilarious it may sound hearing the word “professional Santa Claus”; moreover, what should be even more surprising for you is there is a whole industry of professional Santas. Before this whole industry began there were enclosed malls and Santa Photolands where children could meet Father Christmas and get a few snapshots with him.

But today Santa Claus is a full-fledged industry. We understand that he still needs to be traditional to maintain the whole mystique of this character. Currently Santas have been brought into the whole civic and corporate world with private bookings. The following points will let you know how the Santa business has blossomed over the years:

The past 15 years have seen the Santa industry reach its peak; from the neighbourhoody little gig for some extra cash it has now reached to be a high profile entertainment industry.

As per statistics almost 95 percent of the average American family used to be satisfied with buying their chubby Uncle Harry a Sears’ Santa costume which costs about USD 40.00 and then have him show up at the door on Christmas Eve. Most gullible kids would be just as happy meeting this fake Santa with gym shoes still showing and thick black hair peeking out of the shiny white, nylon wig.

But in a professional setting with Santa Entertainment Industry, such sub-par workings do not work well. Those involved in the marketing industry, advertising industry and even today’s children are no longer as gullible and want more. But they do not just want more they are also willing to pay more for the right kind of service, optimized and customized to match their requirement so that they can use Santa-tertainment for their own business goals. It is a competitive world out there and that does not differ for the Santas as well.

The regular Ho Ho Hum does not make the cut any more as they want this performer to wow the audience and impress them well. But as the present generations are slowly becoming parents, with kids that are used to interactive 3D entertainment, apps and smart phones, visual and thumb controlled interactions with technology that is equipped enough to make it appear even more realistic. And with better ability to capture the mystique associated with Santa and his reindeers. How can the average Uncle Harry even begin to compete with such demands? Well, the answer is simple, through proper training.

Yes, today’s Santas are still traditional with the patented Ho Ho Ho and red suit and white flowy beard with jingle bells and the a smiling face. But with a twist of professionalism that comes from proper training to entertain their audience and send them on a special Christmas journey. So, what are you waiting for? Put your Santa hats on and start training.

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Get papers before the clock strikes!

With our professionals at your service, you can be rest assured of receiving virtuous papers in no time. Don’t miss out the offer!