Did Your B-school Teach You These Management Lessons?

Did your B-school teach you these management lessons

Every B-school in the world tries to convince its students that they are the best to prepare them for life as upper management. But we are sure that you will never find these tales in any of your MBA textbooks to learn from.

Here are a few lessons that every manager must know, that your dissertation guide will never share with you!

Lesson 1:

At a retail store an administrative clerk, a sales rep and their manager find a real antique magic lamp at lunch one day. They rub the lamp and Genie comes out and reveals that each of them will be granted one wish.

The administrative clerk says “Me! Me! Me first!” everyone agrees. She asks the genie – “Send me to the Bahamas where I drive a speed boat without a care in the world!”

The Genie bows and Puff! She is gone.

Then the sales rep wants to go next, she says – “Send me to Hawaii, where I get a personal masseuse relaxing endlessly with an unlimited supply of Pina Coladas with the love of my life.”

And soon enough Puff! And the sales rep disappears to Hawaii.

Now it is the manager’s turn, he says, “I want those two back at the office after lunch”!

The moral of the story:

Always allow your boss to have the first say.

Lesson 2:

An eagle once sat on top of tree and did nothing, resting on its own. A rabbit seeing this asked the eagle “Can I also sit like you and do nothing?”

The eagle said “Why not? Sure go ahead”.

The rabbit sat on the ground below the eagle and rested, seeing this suddenly a fix jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

The moral of the story:

To sit and do nothing, you must sit at a very, very high position.

Lesson 3:

A man is about to enter his shower while his wife is finishing up and getting out of the same shower. That very moment a doorbell rings and the wife wraps herself in a towel and goes downstairs to answer the door. It was their next door neighbor Jim; he sees the lady in her towel and says: “if you drop that I will give you $1000 right now”. She contemplates for a moment and then drops it for a minute and quickly picks it up back again.

He immediately drops a bundle of bills amounting to $1000 and leaves.

When the wife goes back upstairs her husband asks her who it was, she says it was their neighbor Jim. He then asks her if Jim had said anything about the $1000 he owed him.

The moral of the story:

Always share critical information about credits and risk with your shareholders in time and you will be able to prevent avoidable exposures for the better.

These were a few lessons that a good manager must know which are seldom taught in a B-school. For more such exciting posts follow Management Writing Solutions, your one stop shop to get the best help to write an essay on management studies.

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