England Tops High Cost of Education List

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In a recently released educational survey conducted annually England stood at pole position as far as average tuition fees for undergraduate studies are concerned in the world of industrialized nations,though the Return on Investment or the ROI remains high due to the higher wages for graduates.

On an average, British undergraduate students had to shell out approximately £6,000 annually as tuition fees in the academic session of 2013-2014 after it was decided by the government to higher the upper ceiling of tuition fees by as much as three times, the survey conducted by OECD, an abbreviation for “Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development” revealed .The US was the next most expensive place to study for under-graduates having £5,300 as tuition fees. In Japan it costs around £3,300 for doing the same according to OECD which is based in Paris and is comprised of 34 countries many of which may be considered to be prosperous.

The figures for the US cannot be considered to be comprehensive as the survey lists publicly funded universities only and in the case of the US many of the leading universities found there are private.

Eight OECD countries earned brownie points for having or rather not having any tuition fees at all in their public universities for undergraduate programs requiring full time study while the data of the survey revealed that close to half of the member countries other than these charge tuition fees of £1,300 or more with international students having to shell out more to get undergraduate education.

The report lays stress on the benefits that a student gets by becoming a graduate and emphasizes that the on an average basis they are less likely to be jobless. The findings also reveal that throughout the counties in the OECD umbrella graduates earn over twice than their secondary school counterparts over the course of their lives.

Source: The Guardian

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