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Five Hacks to Ace Phone Interviews

We know the secret sorrows of most MNA pursuant buried under a pile of endless MBA assignments to finish – they are not particularly great at phone interviews! They end up stressing a lot afterwards about not getting the job. But you should know it is not that hard.

We have done our fair share of phone interviews, both on the hiring side of the equation as well as the joining side. So, it might be safe to say that we are pretty qualified to write on this topic.

Here goes our five tips to ace your phone interview:


Take a note of your surrounding (you should also pay attention to this when writing assignments):


If there is a scheduled interview that you have, take precautions in advance to get in a good spot physically.

Never try to take a phone interview at your desk where you cannot talk freely. Also avoid taking a cal when there is too much going on in the background. Another important pro-tip that most interviewees are unaware of is the habit of talking on phone while walking. The subconscious breathlessness that occurs while doing so, affects the interviewer’s judgment about the person talking on phone, you may seem to lack authority in such circumstances when the person on the opposite end of the line does not know you.

In case if the interview was not scheduled in advance and rings at an inconvenient time, then feel free to ask the interviewer to call back at any other point of time. Do not fear of sounding disinterested but actually you will sound more concerned about managing your life with properly organizing your commitments.

Always dress for the part, even if they can’t see you!

You may want to get ready for your interview with proper dressing even if no one can see you.

Note that the mails you write to recruiters and hiring managers are much different from the ones you send to your friends. So, it is evident that you cannot talk to the interviewer just as you talk to your friends. However, this may not seem like new news to you, but it will not come naturally without practice. If you are not well acquainted about talking business on call then you must prepare a regime for getting into the zone, putting yourself in work clothes and shoes may get you prepared for the same.

Now we are not saying wear a suit all the time like financial experts with some major investment-consulting firm! However, if you do need MBA finance assignment help, then you can buy research papers online from certain discreet sources.

That special message aside, we are simply saying that when there is a risk of sounding too casual on phone one can actually dress up a little to change their attitude and the way they sound.

Stand up straight (just as you do when submitting your turabian style outline format written by essay writers UK):

This is no joke! The best way to sound more dynamic and confident is to stand up straight and speak rather than sit and answer. You could also try moving a bit, but not too much. This will further help your call to go on smoothly. If your body is confined in a small posture then your speech sounds different than when you have the run of the room. That is the reason why the best of public speakers walk around when giving a speech rather than standing at one place on the podium.

Also making use of hand gestures when talking comes naturally for everyone, so do not restrict yourself from doing so, despite the fact that you are on phone. You do not need to orce it or restrain it, let it flow naturally. They will come with the flow as long as your hands are free to move. Also you want to sound more natural on the phone because when you sound authentic you are naturally prone to be more likeable.

Thus, keep walking around a room with your headset so that you can be yourself while on the call.

Be ready for the most common questions (like us, we hear “how to write a research paper” a lot):

With a resume, you are opening the doors to let someone pay attention to you, to notice you. But when in person at an interview, it is to see whether people actually can like you or not. In between all this conundrum the job of the recruiter in between the two events, is to ascertain if you are qualified enough or not and if you have any serious red flags or not. So, when on a phone interview, people will mostly focus on these two aspects.

The usual questions you will be asked would ask you to showcase your skills that are needed to accomplish the goals of the organization that are associated with the open position. Prepare yourself to provide organized, rehearsed examples of how you have done a great job and performed well at work previously to make the difference between getting through a simple phone screen or not.

Remember to close! (just like the perfect conclusions to academic assignment writing):

Remember that an interview is not about selling yourself and the best of sales persons are also the best at closing a deal. For your phone interview, you goal is to get an in-person interview. Do not gt off that phone until you are satisfied with yourself about taking a step closer to getting that. Make sure to ask what the process is for the assessment of candidates for the next round. Be subtle nd inquire about the decision-making timelines and try to get to know who is in charge of making the decisions. However, try not to barrage the interviewer with this question. The more information you have will help you prepare for the next step better.

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With our professionals at your service, you can be rest assured of receiving virtuous papers in no time. Don’t miss out the offer!