Gaining That Managerial Edge with Some Charismatic Traits of Richard Branson

Gaining That Managerial Edge with Some Charismatic Traits of Richard Branson

Whether you are into a business organization or have been thinking to venture into your own start up, some leadership traits are to be learnt from great leaders like Richard Branson.

Simplicity and Friendliness:

The following rules like being cordial and friendly at a given occasion rather than being authoritative are recommendable as Richard Branson himself had explained in his interviews. If you are cordial and compassionate with your employees then you can motivate them and at the same use their talents in something constructive in crucial situations. But if in a similarly difficult situation where teamwork and collaboration is needed and you are being too strict to drive them like robots they may fall on their face due to overwhelming pressure.

Wearing Yourself:

Being yourself is always better than wearing a superficial collar. Managers often have the habit of imitating others while imposing their decision on their subordinates. It is wiser to follow one’s own instincts in management for reaching the target rather blindly following a chosen mentor. Being cordial can also be effective like a smile once in awhile or complimenting the staff after entering the office along with formal greetings will greatly help to lift their moods. Even in bad days asking for some extra effort from the team once in awhile can be useful and this can only be achieved if you maintain a cordial relationship with them.

Sharing Individual Ideas:

Not always can you bring the best solution for your work problem and the quicker you accept this, the better will be the results. Ideas shared means bringing uniqueness and exclusivity for your project work. Open discussion means your people can have an opportunity to share their views on that particular matter and who you can authenticate for successful business. Moreover, it is the team which actively gets involved, thus, breaking away from the old-world beliefs of individualism and authority.

Changing the Conventional Rules:

It is always better to break away from the monotonous rules and create something suitable for all. Rules are framed for best interests of all and not just one individual. So, there is no harm in defying some traditional formalities. These simple traits can relax people to approach the manager in time of need. But such steps will not always be possible if the leader is too authoritative and strict. This in a way is counterproductive as the superior authorities often misuse proper human resources and can make the atmosphere suffocating and inhibit creative thinking. So, follow such simple ideas to be a people’s leader instead of leading a team of zombie-fied machines and your company’s success will sail through the roof.

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