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Get Rid of These 4 Life-Sucking Unconscious Pursuits To Be Happier

We are all in hot pursuit of hunting down happiness in this dark wood of a world. I have personally never yet met any individual who does not want to get happier. But no one ever thinks of how to be happier! We all just assume what we are doing is right.

Where do we get this hefty amount of presumptuous confidence?

Why we have definitely all seen the movies, and we do watch the Academy Awards, those smiling faces cannot lie?! And do not forget our almost certainly more successful Facebook friends who definitely have a more fulfilling life! Just have a look at their smiling profile pictures with regular uploads of their most certainly happy life.

But is that the whole truth?

We think that is all nothing but a trick! Things that we humans have been conditioned to think will finally make us happy are nothing but hollowed farce.

For example, take the rush for the following 4 life-sucking pursuits…

Pursuit of prestige (a.k.a esteem of others)

Prestige is our ego’s food for feeling important! It is the fundamental drive for nearly all of human interaction. But it does a bad job at satisfying our hunger for happiness. Not within itself at least.

It is excruciatingly vulnerable for us to allow that longing to feel important be placed in someone else’s opinion of us. You can never be completely secure as long as someone’s opinion is the pallbearer of your well-being. The need for constant reassurance of your status will soon be too much. Isn’t it redundant to have your self-worth put in the uncontrollable perceptions of others, rather than let be the fruit of your own actions.

You must understand that things like fame, status, prestige and whatever else you name that are just fools’ gold. This is the main cause behind celebrities blowing their heads off. Do not make the mistake of placing something as important as your self-concept in the hands of strangers as it is equivalent to suicide.

Remember that it does not matter if your employer is not impressed by the college you went to, or that your annoying dinner party guest has never heard the name of your present company. You do not need to lose it if someone omits the ‘doctor’ in your name, at the end of the day prestige does not matter. Let others ignore your importance, because they have someone else to concentrate on… themselves!

Stay away from the destructive pleasure of feeling superior to someone:

Imagine you walk into a room and immediately almost reflexively you begin sizing people up who are present in the room. You get an understanding of those who are more capable than you or could be more successful. And you begin to wallow at your unfulfilling life. Or it could go the other way, you feel that you are more capable, you make more money, and you are eloquent. You think that people will prefer your company better than theirs. These lowlings are your source of feeling smarter, sophisticated and richer; when you walk out you feels like a million bucks.

While all this is great, but here is a question – have you accomplished your goals? Are you living the life you always wanted? Or are you the same half-baked person the way you were when you entered the room. Simply feeling higher up when you look over shoulders and see others who are slower runners than you in the big race of life is not actually making you the winner.

You must understand that life is not a competition; each man is running his own competition. You do not need to beat anyone else because you are not running in the same track and you do not have the same finish line as them.

Someone else’s success does nothing for you; a man who feels the need to knock others is not a man who is truly satisfied with himself. Try to be the better man than you were yesterday and the rest of the monkeys in a room could tumble as many branches as they want!

Stay away from the rattrap of money beyond cost of food, rent, and basic upkeep!

An absolutely pervasive and ludicrous belief is that once one has accumulated ample amount of money, they will be free to do the things that they really want. You feel that this money is just a few multiples away even when you have $1 Million in the bank. And it stays that way forever being just a few multiples away.

But more money is not the answer; more money is actually the problem. Money still cannot buy freedom. It only distracts you from the truth which is, you have the freedom you can allow yourself to have.

Do not try to be liked by everyone; you will not be able to do what you love.

Let us get to the hard truth… there are at least a million people out there who already hate you. Right at this moment they are thinking the world would be better off without you. They hate for your race, religion, culture, nationality, profession, political opinions or a lack thereof. So, basically everything!

But they do not know you, so you envelope yourself in obscurity and care the least about being so hated.

It is when you actually do something that you love is when they will rear their heads. And doing something you love or want – is after all something worth noticing. Haters will refuse to recognize you greatness and keep dragging you down.

Here’s the secret – you do not need their blessing to live your life. March on as you want and you’ll be living your life unabated.

Stay away from these destructive, soul-sucking pursuits and soon the flesh that cover your bones will hear the mind and mind the heart, and grow a soul…

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