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Getting Part Time Jobs in University Campuses While Pursuing An MBA

If you are pursuing an MBA degree in USA, then an on-campus job may be the best one to grab on to while in college. But you might be wondering “how do I get an on campus job?” this is a common question especially among foreign students who have tight budgetary constraints and seek some external source of income for financial stability. With an on campus job you not only get some cash to pay for your expenses but can also save for paying your tuition fee.

Here is how you can get an on campus job while you are at college

 Your resume for applying to an on campus job

This is the most important aspect when it comes to applying for on campus jobs. Regardless of what your background may be a resume is a must. Presumably if you are studying in a university then you are probably doing a Master’s course, so, simply list out your Bachelor’s degree with the GPA and the projects you have worked on. If you did do some works then list that out under work experience. The key here is to highlight your student involvement. Focusing on customer skills would be a prudent practice when it comes to on campus jobs. Make sure you list out your achievements like the awards you have won.

  The easiest way to find an on campus job

The easiest way to find an on campus job is to get a reference of a senior. Most on campus jobs are passed on in this way so, make sure you belly up closer to that smart senior to get the position on-campus. However, there is a lot of internal politics involved in this situation so, if too much politics is hard for you to tackle. Do not waste your time as there are other more dignified ways to get a job.

  The usual procedure to get an on campus job

The most usual ways of getting an on campus job is to simply pay a visit to the career center at your university campus and look for the job postings available on campus. You may also browse through the career postings at the school’s official website and apply for jobs there. But note that almost everyone in school will know about this procedure so prepare to face stiff competition.

  Volunteer to get a job position

A sure shot way most seniors vouch by to get an on campus job is to sign up for a volunteering opportunity in the student union office or the student life office (depending on your school), to make it to a proper job offer. When you volunteer you get to the bosses who offer the on campus jobs and thus, increase your chances of getting an approval when you seek a job. A good place to look for a volunteering work is at the international student office which requires a lot of students to volunteer.

In final thoughts while job hunting may sometimes get a little too frustrating with too much competition and a huge number of international students applying for the jobs. So, the best approach is to mix up the ways listed above and try each of it out. That way you will exponentially heighten your chances to get a job on campus.

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