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How MBA’s can Help to Counteract Environmental Problems

Before we discuss how the world is crying in tears of blood because of this magical problem called global warming and global climate change, take a look at this quote…

With cheating, lying, deceit, hype, distortion and the blind pursuit of gaining money the whole world of business is like a factory of poison, hungry only for profits. As the cost of these destructive practices, the planet is paying penance with its ecosystem degrading and the humans getting alienated from their soul’s genuine needs. With things like contamination, pollution, climate change, poverty, rising levels of water, financial crisis, unemployment, war and political unrest along with a general reduction of trust amongst humans the earth is paying penance for our misdeeds.

Who do you think this enraged quote is from? Many of you may feel that a strongly left politician who is an enraged environmental campaigner is spewing hatred while waving his fist frantically at the so called numerous injustices of the world.

What if we told you that you are wrong? These words were in a Press Release of a new MBA program launched by the Marbella University in southern Spain. However unbelievable this may seem, but the rarefied clutches of this community of MBAs which has now gained the form of toiled humour poised with jokes on unemployment, has come up with this thoughtful concept. Probably due to their air of superiority and un-worldliness which is ironically the same thing said about environmental causes, is the cause of our dismay.

This common perception like all other stereotypes may be unfair, but usually MBA courses are not known to be associated strongly with “environmental bible” thumping. Instead, the common perception of MBA colleges is a place like a finishing school for corporate crawlers who after graduation go on to pillage the earth robbing her of virtues, in the name of seemingly unimportant sins like quarterly targets and shareholder dividends. Hence, our natural reaction of shock and disbelief; when we saw an MBA program being advertised in this manner with environmental messages.

To further make you rub your eyes in disbelief here is our thoughts on the topic of MBAs rooting for environmental-friendly steps.

We think the world is ready to welcome a new breed of managers and CEOs who will stand for the environment, as we have finally realized that corporations have failed, legislations have failed, politicians have failed and most importantly even education seems to have failed.

It is time we follow business leaders to save us from extinction by resolution of our global environmental problems.

We have long focussed on other factors for improved business with much futility, so this moment calls for us to pay attention to human factors. MBA programs must be revised from being master’s degrees that are unusable, elitist and soulless, to products that could be used to address urgent human problems in real-world scenarios. We need our education to be a vanguard approach complete with new understanding of our lives as humans.

Courses like MBA in Sustainability and Environmental Compliance could be one of two things, either a specimen of true enlightenment and hope in this cut-and-dry process of creating corporate zombies, or a new competitive approach to gain the attention of hipster students who swear against MBA programs. As for now those who are keen on pursuing these courses will only determine their functionality in the way they use these degrees and the knowledge for greener-businesses. But the question remains in the pursuit of green…whether it will be the green of the Franklin-heads in 100 dollar bills or the green of nature, only time will tell.

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