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How Students of MBA can Crush Negative Thinking

Before we begin our advice on how you can master avoiding negativity and achieve success by crushing the hate that weighs you down, here is a quote that we came by, which we think might be useful.

You have the sole power over your mind but not on your outside environment or events. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will find strength.

– Marcus Aurelius

We are always overly critical on our own shortcomings and mistakes more than of others. The only thing common among humans is that we are all perfectly imperfect. Students often find themselves crippled with negativity and hate. MBA degree courses are getting harder every year along with other academic fields where a lot of information is cramped into a narrow span of time. So, a bad score or some harsh words of criticism or simple peer pressure can leave you pulled down with a sense of self-doubt. So, here are a few tips that will help you counteract negativity and rediscover your grit of genius.

Prepare to practice some self-compassion and drive that negativity away:

1. Never compare yourself to those who you think are doing better than you in life.

 2. There will be always someone better at a subject or skill than you, but do not let that fact distort the view you have of yourself.

 3. Speak to yourself kindly. The way cars that are not maintained rundown and become wrecks and homes that are not taken care of turn into run downs, same works for yourself. Always foster kind thoughts about yourself and a feeling of love towards the person you know best – You. Words can either build you or break you down, so, when the rest of the world is spewing hatred, quiet down your inner critic. Sometimes it is best to ignore the voice in your head.

 4. Redesign your own universe. The ultimate truth about your world is that it is shaped by the way you see yourself and with the beliefs you hold. The world you created is built upon what you choose to accept about yourself and the ones near you and who you are. Redesign and build from scratch if it is not as you would have wanted it to be, it is never too late.

 5. You must begin to believe that nothing is impossible for you to do or accomplish and remind it to yourself every day.

 6. Acknowledge how strong you are as you have already come this far after climbing several mountains and overcoming other obstacles that land upon you every day.

 7. The only way you can crush negativity effectively is by seeing yourself in a new light. Do not hold yourself back by worrying about all the things you could not do or failed when you tried to and focus more on the things you want to do and dream of doing.

 8. Debrief your goals of mastery. Excellence is a reachable goal, but perfection is not so easy to reach. Once you let the mirage of perfection clear off from your sight the pressure weighing down on you of self-criticism will be eased off to a great extent. So, instead of planning to become a master of the whole art, take smaller goals to achieve first and build up to complete excellence.

In closing thoughts, we would like take a spiritual tone with an open-ended idea. The happiest people are those who feed their minds, bodies, consciousness and souls with delightful soul-satisfying things on a regular basis,, they could be books, blogs, articles, videos of cats or stories about humane acts. So, practice indulging yourself in soul satisfaction ever day, may be watch a new TED Talk every morning or give money to homeless person. After all, the only way you will be able to get life to smile at you is by smiling right back.

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