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How To Be An Effective Manager: 5 Tips From Our Experts

We spoke to some o the topmost managers of MNC’s around the world and most of them suggested that they believe the core concept behind being an effective manager is to have a firm footing on the fundamentals rather that fluff and fancy. While the usual prescription of skills like being an effective speaker to woo a room full of audience counting up to a thousand heads, but the main aspect of operational effectiveness depends upon how well one can execute their fundamentals of management day in and day out.

So, here 5 tips from our experts on how to be an effective manager


1. Learn to look at things with a refreshing perspective: the best qualities a manager can possess are – being adaptable, flexible and closely accustomed to their surrounding professional environment. Always keep your eye open for opportunities and be a good listener.

The best ideas often come from the employees who go work deep in the trenches as that is the level where the real work is being done. Being rigid is the biggest obstacle you can have to making real progress. Always be open to bring about a whole paradigm shift and befriend these words as your best friend when it comes to being a good manager – this how we have done things here, but it’s all going to change for the better.

2. Excellence is the way to be, but the way should be realistic: maintaining high expectations is recommendable, but make sure the standards are not too high to achieve. Make sure your employees will be capable of attaining the expectations you set for them.

Always remember that the best managers are never the ones who were the ‘strictest’ but the ones who were the ‘nicest’. You catch more flies with sugar, so being nice can help to draw out the best results from the people. Making your employees realize that you have unreasonably high standards is a scoop that is best kept from being leaked out; this key piece of information will never be forgotten by them and will only be counter-productive. Instead translate that you always strive to bring about excellence in yourself learning that will make your employees find excellence within them.

3. Give your juniors clear instructions – on where they should focus the most: to make sure the point number 2 is followed through in your managerial role, you need to make sure that your employees’ job roles reflect them. Keeping a measurable and well-conceived employee objective is the best strategy a manager can adopt.

4. Make sure you protect your time like gold: the well-known point of time is money is the truth when it comes to management. It is only by managing time effectively is that a manager can make thoughtful decisions. Being pulled into too many directions is a daily routine for managers.

But work is much more than just getting things done, it is about doing good quality optimized work. So to be a good manager you must protect your schedule vigilantly.

5. Never escape from conflict, instead face them head on: the most suitable breeding ground for conflict is a work environment, and all managers must come to terms with that fact. There can be an endless list of never-ending issues that may lead hot conflicts like lay-off’s, cost cutting, recognition, compensation and much more. Employee-management relationship is a walk on a tight rope, a good manager must never avoid conflict instead should face them head on. Avoiding them will only make you lose respect in the eyes of your subordinates.


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