How To Make The Most Of Your Feedback Sessions

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Denied MBA aspirants have been given a new ray of light to strike gold the second time around through feedback sessions organized by MBA schools to figure out exactly where they might have erred.

This is just another reaffirmation of the fact that business schools do promote re-applications who attain success in the second go. In fact Wharton has previously hinted that re-applicants have an edge over the rest of the pool of applicants.

These sort of sessions are usually brief making it imperative that you make preparations well in advance. List out the pointed questions that will maximize the benefits you get from the session. The following questions are the sort you want to ask.

  •  Were my quantitative abilities a factor? If it is so how to prove my abilities
  • Were my career goals wanting in clarity?
  • Are there any issues with the reasons for which I intend to complete the MBA program?
  • Please let me know the weak areas of my application and your advice to address them respectively?

Chalk out a plan in order to ensure the pacing of the session stays comfortable and try to end the conversation on a graceful note.

The extraction of information is an art and you should try to maximize the benefits that you get out the feedback session as most of the times the answers would not be forthcoming.

Perceive the feedback session as another opportunity to build a relationship with a particular school. Maintain pleasant, polite and engaging tones. Remember that the notes taken from the feedback session will be recorded and considered in case you do reapply.

Treat the feedback session as a sort of interview extension. Make a written note of the name and email id who is conducting the feedback session and forward a thank you note soon after the date of the passing of the session.

Lastly it is useless to fret about application elements in less than 12 months. Instead determine how may improve so as you may gain success as an applicant the next time around.


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