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Managing Stress: Must Know For MBA Students

If you think juggling a number of college assignments with social obligations and family time while staying abreast with the latest in entertainment, media and technology is causing you stress than let us instill fear in you by revealing the untold truth. Guess what life after MBA will be worse in the stress aspect. You will need to juggle budget responsibilities, employees, timeline and scheduling, fund management, hiring and firing people along with meeting the objectives of the business while pleasing the biggest assets of your company, your clients. Imagine the stress you are preparing for after you get out of these fancy college gates and walk into the corporate jungle where your supervisor will pounce on you like the hungriest of lions.

Okay, we might have scared you a little too much here, let us take a few steps backwards, stress can be managed just like you MBA assignments and your job responsibilities. To know more read on. And for managing assignment related stress you can always approach an essay writing service for MBA students like Management Writing Solutions.

To manage stress right you must identify the key stressors to stay in complete control of the main factors that cause you stress. But before we begin with our tips on stress relief let us state that stress management skills will take time to muster and cannot be learnt overnight. You must be open for self-exploration, practice and perseverance.

Recognizing stressors:


The first step to handling stress and to lessen its impact is to recognize their main source. The times these days are so stressful that most of us have gained a state of normalcy in being in constant at all times and have almost forgotten what it feels like to be completely relaxed or alert.

A good example of being completely stress-free and happy is to be in contentment like that of a baby. Remember the happy smile on a baby? If yes, then do you remember the last time you smiled like that? As adults we have lost that place of balanced emotional state. A right emotional state with proper balance is to have a calm state of energy, focus and alertness. To counteract stress just being calm would not help, you need to feel relaxed and also be on alert.

To identify if you are stressed pay attention to your body, inside and out. Paying attention to your physical cues will give you all the necessary points to recognize a stressed situation.

  • Pay attention to your insides and your muscles. Do you feel tightness or soreness in your muscles? How about your stomach is it sore or tight? Are you clenching your hands?
  • Are you breathing shallow? Pay attention to your breathing by putting your hands on your chest and one on your stomach, then take note of the times your hands rise and fall with each full breath, are you missing out a breathe sometimes?

Then the next step is to identify how your body reacts to stress. It is important to know what you do when you are stressed out, because that might add to the stressor itself.

  • A hyperactive stress response: do you tend to be angry, tense, and irritable and generally keyed up when stress hits you? Then you must practice stress relief exercises to handle stress better.
  • A hypoactive stress response: do you tend to be depressed, reclusive, spaced out and withdrawn under stress? Then you must practice stress relief activities that will help to stimulate and boost your nervous system.


The best stress relief practices for management students:


  1. Peruse through cherished photos, memories and mementos
  2. Take a walk in the park, beach or garden
  3. Surround your room with colors that uplift your spirits
  4. Close your eyes and imagine your happy place
  5. Buy some plants or a flower bouquet to lively up your indoors and create an enliven ambience
  6. Sing your favorite song or hum a tune
  7. Listen to natural sounds like waves crashing, birds chirping, forest sounds, rustling of tree leaves etc.
  8. Hang some wind chimes near the door or the window
  9. Get yourself a tiny fountain that will sooth you down with the sound of running water in your home or office
  10. Light a scented candle or incense or spray some room-freshener
  11. Wear your favorite perfume or cologne
  12. Perfume your pillow or sheets with lavender
  13. Smell your favorite kind of flowers
  14. Pet a dog or cat or a furry friend
  15. Give yourself some love with a neck massage or a hand massage
  16. Wear some soft clothing
  17. Take a warm bath
  18. Stretch, run in place or jump your stress out
  19. Squeeze a rubber ball
  20. De-clutter or clean your room


While feeling stressed at work you can stay connected to your breath, wriggle your toes or massage your fingertips. Also coffee, lemon or peppermint may help you give a quick energy-boost. Familiarize your workplace with pictures of family and friends.

For other stress-relieving practices especially those associated with over-burdening management assignments read our posts on essay writing help for MBA students.

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