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Should You Hire Employees That Are Better Than You?

The most effective way to build a successful company is by hiring intelligent people. Find the most capable candidates and dress them, to set to work. But wait, what if their brilliance exceeds your own?

Most hiring managers on obtaining a candidate’s resume compare their qualifications with the job description. But they do not sit back and think – Can I learn something from this guy?

The reason being that a manager with a shiny MBA degree after drudging through sheets of MBA assignments does not want to be outshined by the skills, creativity and experience of a freshly off boat!

Almost all corporate job requirements state that they want to create a team of excellence. Everybody is looking for the grade-A candidates, nobody wants to settle with a B or a C level employee! But if the world is anything but ridiculous, we see all the B and C grade workers perched on the most powerful chairs, slacking off their white-collar, 6-figure spewing working hours, discussing about the game last night or why their girlfriends don’t answer their calls!

How then did this come to happen? This is the result of having an old friend of the hiring managers influence the hiring process – Ego!

It is not easy to hire for competency:

For some managers, it is an absolute nightmare when there is a prospect of an employee being in some way more knowledgeable or capable than them. Instead of perceiving this new recruit as an invaluable asset, they perceive them as a threat. This sort of thinking can eventually have a detrimental impact on a business.

The best approach is to encourage personal growth and introspection for everyone in the company. At our assignment writing company, Management Writing Solutions, the core value is to keep learning and growing, which inherently helps the company flourish. This culture facilitates curiosity, humility and openness.

Managers may get better acquainted with themselves by practising healthy habits such as reading books or personal growth, meditating, going to various seminars that focus on changing personal traits, which do not serve people well etc.

The truth about inspirational leaders is that they are not discovered or born, they are created and re-created through personal growth and education.

You are not the victim:

Many managers view themselves as a victim in their professional and personal lives. They have this purview that things are happening to them, they are being done to them purposely with some diabolical intent. So, they often refuse to take responsibility for their business outcomes.

You ask them about poor performance, low numbers and breach of deadlines. Their responses are usually like this: some customers are too annoying and stupid, the employees made all the mistakes, the marketplace is too competitive.

As long as your management keeps doing so, your company will shut the doors on change and growth. Opportunities for growth and improvement will open up only when your managers begin to take responsibility for their actions. We recommend that instead of feeling insecure about your position in the company, you must hire more capable personnel. And embrace the opportunity to collaborate with such people who have a slightly different, yet brilliant perspective.

In closing thoughts, the biggest challenge, a business leader may face is to ensure that they have the right mix of skills and talents in their team. An effective team has people from a variety of disciplines with varying approaches to problems, but at the end of the day, they should all be working towards the same goal.

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