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Summer vs. College Students (good, bad and ugly)

Coming home for the summer vacation from college is a bittersweet phenomenon, you pack up a leave your dorm room where you spent a year now with that roommate you either absolutely hate or get along with fine. The sudden clean emptiness of the room surrounds with this sense of loss that you know is irrational but still cannot get over for a few moments. Then when you finally reach home things turn great, after all free TV, delicious cooked food that have not been tasted by cockroaches before you, not having to do your own laundry are amazing perks for students come home. But in the modern times summer at home can be a mix of both good and bad. So, we plan to list all the good and bad things that college students go through during summer holidays. And to further spice it up, let us battle them out and see which side wins.

You can share your opinions and the best and worst things you feel when you stay at home for summer as well we are much different than the average assignment writers and like to engage in other fun activities once in awhile with our clients apart from writing MBA assignments.

First bad thing: sleeping is no longer an option:

Sleeping in when at home during the summer holidays just does not exist. No matter how much you try it just does not happen with all the noise around the house. Also your mom knocking every 10 minutes for you come down and breakfast and then get back to sleeping does not really help with catching up on your due shut eye.

You end up setting 5 alarms around the room just like you would before an important exam to wake up on time during summer vacations because you made breakfast plans with a friend who will be busy later or an early movie plan that you just cannot afford to miss.

Second bad thing: your neighbourhood or hometown friends are now busy bees:

They no longer have all day free like they used to and unlike you they are probably not on vacation. So, you end up having a text conversation like this:

You: Hey! What’s up?

Friend: I’m good what is up with you?

You: want to catch a movie?

Friend: sorry I’ve to go to work

You: what about on Saturday?

Friend: I have to see my dentist; I missed out on my last two appointments!

You think to yourself… dentist?! Pshhht since when did these kids grow up to be like that!

But sadly that is how it is with most of your hometown friends.

Good thing #1: you open the fridge and voila…there’s food!

One thing people miss in college is opening their refrigerator when bored and finding delicious treasures. And while the scars of living on ramen and pizza are still fresh in your mind you absolutely love this magic of finding actual food in your fridge.


Good thing #2: not having to worry that your roommate will eat your food

You have a label maker and you always label your food. But when your roommate eats that last block of cheese despite you having it labeled and then gives you the excuse that you did not label it on all sides and hence, he was genuinely confused. And even a double ‘facepalm’ is not enough to describe your angst at the moment. But luckily when at home, you have no such things to worry about!

Third Bad Thing: Having summer assignments:

Summer vacation is all about lazing around and procrastinating in the name of future planning. But when there is a massive summer assignment on your shoulders it becomes a living nightmare. You still have to sit and study like a regular school day.

Good thing #3: outsource someone else to get that thesis done

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With our professionals at your service, you can be rest assured of receiving virtuous papers in no time. Don’t miss out the offer!