Suspicious Clouds Over Tennis Matches

tennis match

Recently reports from Buzzfeed News and BBC have surfaced surprising information on possible throwing of matches by the top 50 tennis players who have been holding their ranks since, the past decade. The names of 16 such players have surfaced from the cache files that deepen the suspicion of the authorities that the integrity of tennis may have been compromised.

Most of these players have won grand slam titles and were still allowed to play matches even though preliminary suspicions had surfaced amongst the authorities.Recently the Tennis Integrity Unit started policing the sport with increased stringency further emphasizing that they stand against all betting related corrupt activities.

The main information obtained from the cache files passed on to BBC news from Buzzfeed news contain important insights on an investigation that was launched on 2007. The investigation was launched by the main organizing body known as ATP or Association of Tennis Professionals.

As per reports the suspicions bubbled up on possible after game betting on a match between Martin Vassallo Arguello and Nikolay Davydenko. However, later all charges were dropped against the two players they were cleared but a deeper search on the issue revealed that there exists a web of online gamblers that have associations with the topmost players in the world of tennis players.

The documents obtained from the cache reveal that a betting syndicate based in Russia, Sicily and other areas of Northern Italy are the sources of thousands of pound being betted on tennis matches.

Surprisingly three of these games were Wimbledons.These reports were kept confidential for the tennis authorities until 2008. Around 28 tennis players were found to be involved in these games and were directed to be investigated, but then the investigations were never really followed through. Furthermore, the tennis association was asked to adopt a new corruption code later in 2009 that directed that they should pursue old corruption cases.

A spokesperson from TUI said that due to such a turn of events the cases on those 28 alleged betting players were never really opened or pursued. Moreover, subsequent years saw many reports being sent to the TUI against unscrupulous activities of one-third of these players but TUI never really took any disciplinary action against these players.

But the problem with the tennis match fixing as per sources is not going away this easily. Also 8 players from the 28 alleged with betting and corruption are playing at the Australian open that is dated to start on 18th January, 2016. They have been flagged continuously since the past 10 years, so, it is high time now that law enforcement and investigators are about to take some form of disciplinary action against them.

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